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Haekel beutel sees the light of day

I was on a blogging break and am back with a bounty. I have increased my stash, finished a couple of projects which was not seeing the light of day. I also went on a stashaholic spree and acquired nylon cords for future bag projects, bag handles and threads for doilies.

And last but not the least I met a lady (age 70 plus) who crochets, but can’t to this day read any pattern and doesn’t know the name of any crochet related stitch. I have known her for over twenty years and was in touch with her on and off,  but never knew that she was doing crochet without knowing the names of her stitches. She photo copies some pictures of doilies from the Ondori book and seeing the pictures makes her doilies. She says she is confused with the diagram of the pattern and she finds the picture easier. This time when she gifted me a small pouch I was so surprised that this lady makes these bags and table cloths (medium sized) and is also selling her work.

The reason she gifted me this bag was because I had mentioned in passing that the string I had made for my bags hadn’t turned out well. Immediately the next day she visited me with this bag made out of some scrap thread in her stash. The pattern for this bag is entirely hers. She doesn’t give a lining to these but she lines all her clutch purses. I now have to figure out her pattern and write it down.

In return I taught her how to make the Haekel beutel bag. I have no doubt she would gift me with one the next time I visit her. 

While holidaying, I finished the Haekel beutel and a pinwheel doily.

The Haekel…. was done with Anchor Knitting Cotton, which according to me is slightly thicker than size 10 thread. I lined it before joining the squares.  I am not entirely satisfied with the bag because it sags.  

I am very pleased with my doily which I made with size 10 thread from a lesser known brand called Chain 10. Though I haven’t starched or blocked my doily, it has stayed in shape and is quite stiff.


4 Responses

  1. Bounty indeed! That gift you got is so pretty! Love those little colourful beads peeping out of the top!


  2. Your doilies are just exquisite Vidya. I see you have lined your haekelbeutel – any tips on how to do it. I’m not using the one I made because it doesn’t have a lining.

    Mamatha (from Ravelry)


  3. nice gift ! and love your doilies and bag!


  4. hi vidya, your blog is really nice! i came across it while looking at people´s stuff in Ravelry. (my username is Laurakis…)
    i love the doily, reminds me of a similar model i crocheted some years ago, preRavelry… and what i did, is to block it while wet (i soaked it in water for just a moment), cotton usually gets a bit stiff after that, but you can skip the starching! 🙂
    have a nice day.


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