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Tiny Blooms

It is over three years that I even visited my blog. This new year saw me making up new patterns that I thought I should revive the blog for whatever it is worth. Having said that I also have to work on easy navigation in the blog and being not so technically savvy I am still finding my way.
The beginning of this year saw me making a earring for my sister. It was the FrenchMiniPeacockFeather by Christa Veenstra of thecuriocraftsroom. I loved it so much that i made some with beads and without beads.
Mini Peacock
Inspired by these cute earrings, I made up a pattern of my own, called Tiny Blooms.
The thread I used was Anchor Coats India Knitting cotton that comes in lovely shades.
Hook used 2mm
With green, make a magic ring and work 12 hdcs. Join with slip stitch to beginning ch and pull the thread tight to close the ring.
Ch2, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each stitch around. Join with sl stitch and fasten off. (24 dc)

Flower on top:
With orange, make a magic ring and work 12 hdc. Join with sl st to beginning chain and pull the thread tight to close.
ch1, sc in same stitch. Sl st in next st, ch 2 picot, sl st in next st, picot, continue around. (11picots) sl st in the beginning single crochet. Fasten off.

Place flower on the green piece, join orange and green together to a hook.

Your earring is ready. This pattern has not been tested.
If you are making this earring, do link my page to your project.


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