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A eureka moment

There are times when I look at someone’s work and give a long sigh thinking that it is impossible for me to complete such a huge project. There are times when I also begin a project with great fanfare and just abandon it, or frog it to start another mega project. During one such phase, I sent an email to a designer expressing a desire to test her pattern. I had forgotten about the email and went about drooling at other people’s work, when out of the blue she replied asking me if I would be interested in testing a table spread pattern of hers. I was elated and jumped at the offer. After sending her a sample swatch I was in.

I took close to two months to complete the squares joining as I went. Lo and behold I finished it and it was a record of sorts for me. However, her design wasn’t published and she sent my work back to me. I don’t know if she was as disappointed as I was on her pattern not being published. I even shed copious tears in the confines of my restroom and came out bleary eyed much to the consternation of the people around me.

This is the first and last mega project I embarked on. Though I have lined up some large projects for the future, this is the one which will remain close to my heart.


4 Responses

  1. That’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe the pattern wasn’t accepted to be published.


  2. It’s beautiful, Vidya, can’t believe you call yourself an amateur! And I second Mamatha’s sentiments.


  3. That tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous. Your work is so evenly stitched and really shows your talent.

    You might contact the designer and see if she would like to sell her pattern on Ravelry.


  4. AWESOME! A simply marvelous piece…love your talent Sri. I had lost the drive to crochet for sometime…your work is so inspiring and so perfect!!!


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