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Tiny Blooms

It is over three years that I even visited my blog. This new year saw me making up new patterns that I thought I should revive the blog for whatever it is worth. Having said that I also have to work on easy navigation in the blog and being not so technically savvy I am still finding my way.
The beginning of this year saw me making a earring for my sister. It was the FrenchMiniPeacockFeather by Christa Veenstra of thecuriocraftsroom. I loved it so much that i made some with beads and without beads.
Mini Peacock
Inspired by these cute earrings, I made up a pattern of my own, called Tiny Blooms.
The thread I used was Anchor Coats India Knitting cotton that comes in lovely shades.
Hook used 2mm
With green, make a magic ring and work 12 hdcs. Join with slip stitch to beginning ch and pull the thread tight to close the ring.
Ch2, dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each stitch around. Join with sl stitch and fasten off. (24 dc)

Flower on top:
With orange, make a magic ring and work 12 hdc. Join with sl st to beginning chain and pull the thread tight to close.
ch1, sc in same stitch. Sl st in next st, ch 2 picot, sl st in next st, picot, continue around. (11picots) sl st in the beginning single crochet. Fasten off.

Place flower on the green piece, join orange and green together to a hook.

Your earring is ready. This pattern has not been tested.
If you are making this earring, do link my page to your project.

Letter/Paper Organizer

There was recently a CAL (crochet-along) in Facebook. However, I was unsure about completing this due to several reasons. The item to be made was a wall hanging, using basket weave stitch embellished with five different types of flowers. Now, I have never done a wall hanging.

Last week the kids brought home a couple of circulars. Since both of them are in the same school, I get the same circulars twice. After our reading the circulars, the girls took it away. Later during bedtime I found that they were strewn about in their room. That was when it struck me that if I could make them something colourful, it could be hung in their room and the papers would be better organised.

This thought led me to making this wall hanging. It is very simple to make and most can make it just by looking at the picture.


Worsted weight yarn (Red Heart)

Color A Sky Blue      One  50 gm ball

Color B Red Orange  One 50 gm ball

Hook size 4.50mm

Stitches used

Dc, Basket weave stitch,fpdc, bpdc (Front and back post stitches

(you can either use Basket weave stitch or make two panels with any other stitch of your preference or continue with dc. For those who do not know how to make basket weave stitch, youtube has great videos)

Hope you like and enjoy making this pattern. Do let me know

This is not exactly written like a pattern, as I feel even a beginner can make this just by looking at the photo. However, I have written the pattern for how I went about it. You can customize it according to your preferred sizes.


With color A, Ch, 28. Dc in second chain from hook and across. Ch 2 turn. Ch 2 is counted as one dc throughout. (26 dc)

Continue working dc in every row, till desired length is reached. I worked 30 rows of dc. Fasten off.

Join Color B in one of the corners with a sl stitch. Slip stitch around. Ch 1 turn. Sc in each stitch around. At the corners sc ch1 sc in the same stitch. When you get to the top right hand corner, sc ch 1 sc, in the same stitch, sc in the next 11 stitches, ch 3, skp three stitches, sc in the next 11 stitches. Sc, ch 1, sc in the next stitch. Fasten off.

Panels (Make two)

Ch 22. Dc in second chain from hk. fpdc in the next three stitches. Bpdc in next four stitches. Fpdc in next four st, bpdc in the next four stitches. End with dc in the last stitch. Continue this way till u get to the desired length, Fasten off.

Sew both panels on to the back panel using whip stitch. Take care that the stitches are not seen in the back.

Sew flowers and leaves to embellish the wall hanging.

Your organizer is ready.

Sarovar Wrap

Has been a long time since I posted. But I was busy, moving, setting up house, running behind the kids. In fact, there were a few months, which went by without my taking a crochet hook in hand. Then there was a Knit Along on ravelry.ImageThen there was a CAL on FB, wherein they wanted everyone to try out the diagonal box or block stitch. I had been wanting to try out this stitch for ages, but it never happened. So I decided that I would give it a shot. I made a swatch and loved it, so I turned it into this.ImageHaving fallen in love with this stitch, I decided to make a shawl using this stitch for the ensuing winter. Though it doesn’t get so cold, where i live, it would definitely be nice to wrap it around and watch the telly once in a while. Thus, Sarovar wrap took shape. Though, the Sarovar (Lake) near my place is not this color, I sincerely hope it would change some day. We all live in hope don’t we?

When ravelers met for a week later that week, I was encouraged to sell my pattern.

Sarovar Wrap

Since joining ravelry, I have several enablers surrounding me, which is agreat encouragement and I decided to sell the pattern. A few people volunteered to test my pattern and then I began selling it here. You needn’t be a member of ravelry to buy it.


Crocheted Skirt

Occasionally I take up pattern testing on ravelry. This time I found a testing thread for a beautiful skirt and since it gets cold in the hills, I decided to make it for my little girl. I had the right kind of yarn too. The pattern was well written and my girl is very happy with her skirt.


After I finished this skirt the designer asked if I would be interested in testing a top. Though I didn’t have a model I agreed and it turned out adorable. This is for a three month old girl.


People Watching

This happened about ten days ago. I accompanied my mom to the clinic as she had to take an ecg. While she was inside, I spent my time watching the other patients sitting patiently and some impatiently in the uncomfortable chairs outside the doctor’s room. Five minutes after we reached the clinic an old lady entered with a comical swagger. Comical because she did not seem to be in pain of any sort, did not look terribly sick. She looked pretty happy, did a happy jig and kept chattering some nonsense. The other patients including me were looking on amused.

She first went inside and registered her name with the doctor’s assistant. Then she said she came for an ‘oosi’ (Injection) cos she couldn’t sleep at night. This clinic provides free service to the under-privileged. The people are given free medicines and no consultation charges either. The lady went on to say that she tried all remedies she knew but couldn’t sleep.

“Seekiram koopidu kannu, oosi potta, veetula poi paduthuduven, thoonga,” (Call me quickly so that immediately after the injection I can get some sleep at home), she told the assistant. The amused assistant muttered something under her breath.

Meanwhile, another twenty-something girl with her 2-year old son walked in for a vaccination. She sat opposite the old lady. The child was making noises and the lady started copying the baby by crooning in her style. Then all of a sudden she asked the mother what was the name of her son.

Old lady: “Kolandai peru enna?” (What is your child’s name?)

Child’s mother: Sujan.

Old lady: Sujan..? Ithu oru pera? (Sujan? Is this a name?)

Child’s mother: Just looked amused and nodded.

Old Lady: “Alaga pragaasu nnu vechirukkalamilla” (Couldn’t you have named him Prakash?)

Then she muttered to herself…”vayila nolayira mari vechirukkalam” (It would have been easier on the mouth to pronounce)

Then the lady was called inside for her injection. She literally ran inside and after five minutes ran out holding and rubbing her thighs as though she was in pain, but all the while smiling and telling people that she was going to go home and sleep. She went outside and on afterthoughts, she rushed inside once again with a tumbler in her hand. She told the doctor’s assistant, can you give me some coffee, I also need to take a tablet.
“Can’t you have it with water?” asked the assistant.

“Un kaiyala kaapi kudikara mari varuma?” (Nothing to beat a cup of coffee given by you), she flattered, smiling wickedly, showing her paan stained teeth.

The assistant couldn’t contain her smile and said, “Just now u complained you couldn’t sleep, now you want coffee, how can you sleep?”
Meanwhile another assistant came and told the other one, “Just give her some coffee and get rid of her.”

The assistant then poured some coffee in the tumbler. As soon as she got it, the old lady said, “Danks” (Thanks) and as a parting shot said, “Itha ini naan aathonum!) meaning (Now I have to cool it)” which made all of us present break into laughter. The old lady finally called out a ‘danks’ after drinking the coffee and left.

When I read the topic for this week, I was immediately reminded of this incident. People watching is a favorite pastime especially when I forget to carry a book or my knitting. People watching people is happening here. Check it out if you want to know what people are watching.🙂


Nonsense. This was the topic that was given at the beginning of last week. I have thought about it the whole week and did have sporadic bursts of ideas regarding several nonsensical things I have heard and read over the years. But when the time came to write it down, I was ‘keyboard tied’. After writing a couple of sentences I had to press the delete button.

Meanwhile, life interrupted, I had to travel, kids, everything else came in the way. Just this afternoon as I was about to give up, my daughter came up with a sentence. “Oh the water is boiling cold!” She was telling this to her elder sibling and I smiled at the phrase. How can something be boiling cold?
So I asked her what kind of a phrase was that. She said she opened the tap meant for hot water, but cold water came. It didn’t occur to her that the first two seconds, the water will be cold, before it turns hot.

After the above said conversation, I still drew a blank. So I picked up a magazine and was browsing thoughtlessly, when I came to a page which said “Tips and Tricks.”
That was when I remembered some of the tips and tricks which I had read when I was in college. There were these vernacular magazines, which paid about Rs.50 or offered some gift to those who could send them tips on cookery, housekeeping etc., People just wrote some non-sensical tip and there were magazines, which published that also. Once I came upon tips which were utter nonsense. Someone had written that before you switch on the gas, place the kadai on the burner, add mustard and other tempering ingredients,then light the stove. I thought this was the most non-sensical piece ever. The other piece of advice (a hilarious one at that) another person had written was not to pin-up the sari at the shoulder as it will tear it, so it is better not to pin it.
I am writing this nonsense as I really do not want to break week-4 of “Fifty-two Weeks of 2013” for lack of ideas. The other ideas that come to mind are our respected ‘politicians’ who made such wonderful comments on what women should wear, in the aftermath of the gang-rape that shook our country. I think there can be nothing else to beat those non-sensical statements. May be I should have compiled all the nonsensical statements which the newspapers carried and it would have been apt for this topic.

Anyway I have tried hard to be nonsensical, (as u may have found out from the second para) which is actually not entirely new to me😉 Unfortunately, when I really want to talk nonsense, I feel I sound too sensible…sensibly nonsensical…or nonsensically sensible….whatever…:)

A Pound of Flesh

We are never in step. Almost always. Four ladies, one thin as a reed (Reema), another slim and trim with curves in the right places (Suja), the third was medium, a little voluptuous (?)(Sreeja) and the fourth was overweight (Ritu). We always went for a walk at the same time each morning. Reema and me joined at the same time when the others passed by our respective gates. She was too thin for words that I even wondered that a stronger breeze would just blow her away.
Reema took pride that she exercised even if she actually didn’t need to. Fat refused to sit on her. The thing I liked about her was that she was never judgmental about the different sizes she saw around her and never sermonized on exercise, eating habits et.al.
Suja was in turn too proud of her looks and always a step ahead of the walkers, turning back now and then to comment on some conversation that was going on between the walkers. She had a good figure and she walked because she had the time and she needed to “motivate others” (Her own words mind you!) so that the rest of us would try to model ourselves on her. (Iam sure you all know that people like her do exist, though we wish they don’t). She walked deliberately just a little ahead of us, so that she can listen in on the conversation and say that she can only walk briskly time and again.
Sreeja, was stocky, genuinely thought lifestyle change was the only way to change her appearance and that exercise was absolutely necessary for every sized person in this planet. The best part was she kept her opinions to herself. She diligently went walking in the morning and did cardio workouts in the evening. This was the reason she turned ‘Medium’.
The last but not the least is Ritu. She was always on a diet. She exercised too, when she didn’t turn up for the walks. She did the weight watchers, she did south beach, you name it. When she became bored with one diet, she was able to switch over to another effortlessly. With her, the topic of conversation during the walks were always fitness and how to go about it. Tips and tricks she found on the internet or while reading a magazine, would regularly feature during the walk. One fine day she turned ‘L’ and she was so elated. She actually had to redo her wardrobe because her clothes were literally hanging loose around her.
We were then invited to a party in her house. Ritu had only three helpings of ice cream and a couple of Kaju Katlis. Her non-walker friends egged her on saying they were thrilled that she had lost so much weight that she forgot how much she was gorging. She actually looked good without the flab (‘penta chin’-her words) on her face.The next day she was not seen with the walkers. The day after she turned up saying she had work and now that she has lost considerable weight she can afford to walk twice or thrice a week. This went on for a week and slowly it was once a week when she needed to talk to some of us because she was bored at home. And finally she returned to her obese self, depressed.
And so it began all over, she again turned up walking. As for Sreeja she turned L and went back to medium, yo-yoing all the time.
Meanwhile, a new neighbor joined the walkers. She was almost slim. Somehow Sreeja and Ritu fell in step with her. She made interesting conversation and she read similar books too, on health and food. One day the walkers went to her house and there was an album on the shelf. Inquisitive Suja picked it up and gasped. The rest of the walkers trooped to her and looked and gave a collective gasp. The photo they saw was a really obese woman. “That was me ten years ago,” she said as she served lemonade. And for the past ten years I have never missed a day of exercise,” she said when S asked. And also, she was a cancer survivor.
This is actually a real life story and I don’t want to give it an ending. I am somewhere in this story too. I do not fall in the Reed and Small bracket and I don’t like sermons either. I leave it to the readers to make up their own ending. I didn’t write this to prove a point as anybody and everybody knows what’s good for the body.
However, since the topic pound of flesh came about here, I did get to reflect a lot on the weight issue. My mind refused to think of other categories for “Pound of flesh.” I know what is wrong; I know what can be done to set it right. But still there are times when life gets in the way,….excuses searched. I guess I have to be my own Shylock and look for ways to shed my pound of flesh that refuses to leave me and by sweating it out.


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