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Tiny Daisy Coaster

In a bid to not completely forget the blog, I decided to update it with a new pattern for a coaster that I came up with couple of days ago. It is simple to make and that too with just five rounds. It can be made with small amounts of thread or any yarn you fancy. But be aware the size of hook and the yarn do determine the size of your final product. The small coaster made with Knit Picks Curio is about 5″ and the purple one made with 4 ply cotton is about 7 inches after blocking.

Here is the pattern for it.

Or if you are a Ravelry member you can download the pattern here

Knit Picks Curio size 10 Hook 1.3 mm
Gauge: Not important
Stitches used: Sc, hdc, dc, fpdc2tog, fptr2tog, picot
Ch 3picot : Ch 3, slst into 3rd ch from hook.

Small amount of any thread or yarn of your choice. Depending on the size of thread or yarn and the hook used, the size of the coaster will vary.
Use single or multiple colours.
(If you do not want to use magic loop, you may make ch 5, join to beg ch, ch7, skp one st and sc in the next, hdc in next st, dc in next 4st, sl st into loop,

Round 1: Into magic loop, (ch 7, skp first ch from hook and sc in the next, hdc in next st, dc in next 4st, sl st into loop), make 5 more petals, sl stitch into loop and tighten it. (6 petals)

Round 2: Sl st to the top of petal, ch 1, sc into same sp,*(ch 3, tr 2tog between fifth st on both petals of previous row, ch 3)* repeat around. Join to beg sc. (6 tr petals, 12- ch3 spaces)

Round 3: (Change color if preferred) fpslst around any petal, Ch2, dc, together over front post of petal in previous row,* (5 dc in next ch sp, ch1, fpdc2tog over next petal, ch1, 5 dc in next sp,)* repeat from * to * around. Join to beg st. (60 dc, 12 dc2tog)

Round 4: fpslst around fpdc3tog over fpdc2tog of previous row, ch 5, sc in the middle dc of 5dc group, ch 5, fpdc 3tog, *(ch5, fpdc3tog, ch5, sc in center of 5dc group, ch 5, fpdc3tog) * rep from * to * around. Join to beg st. (12-fpdc3tog, 24- ch 5 loops)

Round 5: *(Sl st into ch 5 loop, ch 1, sc, hdc, 2dc, tr, ch 3 picot, in same sp, tr, 2dc,hdc, sc in next ch 5 sp, ch 3picot on top of next fpdc3tog,)* repeat from * to * around. Join to beg st. Weave in ends. Starch and block.

Hope you guys like it. If you try it do let me know in the comments.


New projects, crafts and experiments

It is that time of the year, when I usually think I should update my blog every week or every month at least. This year I don’t want to do that. I am just going to update as and when I feel I should update. 2018 just whizzed past with a lot of stuff happening in the home front, illness, changing homes etc. The craft scenario was pretty good too with me trying out new things. I picked up my long lost embroidery after several years, when a friend picked up hers and churned out impressive wall hanging hoops. Inspired by her I too made a few hoops and then I discovered embroidering on handmade paper and canvas, when I chanced upon a few in Instagram. This year I would love to complete all my unfinished projects like half finished paintings, crochet designs, knitting et. al, from the past and also continue writing which is my other hobby. Would also love to take up commissioned work.
Here are some of my projects from 2018, a few of them have found new homes.


The small tree on hand made paper and the christmas tree, were the most toughest projects as I worked on thick handmade paper for the first time. The experiment turned out well, so the projects are awaiting their frame. The girl on the swing is my last work of 2018 and is worked on painted black canvas. I discovered that I love working with canvas and hope to churn out more embroidery. If you want one, do message me for prices.
Until my next project…..see you!

Sterling Runner

Blogging doesn’t take up much of your time. But there are times when you prefer reading other peoples blogs and wonder at their penmanship and their lovely photos, so much so that you don’t even comment on how nice you thought their blog was. I have become that kind of person recently and I hope to change that. In my defense, I have been doodling with thread like crazy and have been writing and rewriting patterns, interacting with testers who give their valuable inputs by correcting my patterns.My latest pattern is the Sterling Runner in Knit Picks Curio. I am really in love with this thread and it was a pleasure working with it for this runner.


This is also the first time I am displaying a runner on my table. However, I am still paranoid that some visiting child or adult might spill a glass of juice or ketchup on it. 🙂 If you wish to make one for your table, you can get the Sterling Runner here. Let me know if you display doilies or runners on your table or chicken out like me.

Until next time….ciao!

Ringo Shawl

I am back again after a short break. The break was a short vacation in Greece and Rome. The island of Santorini is so picturesque that I really wanted to settle down there. But dreams can be dreams only at times. Back home I was excited to find that Happily Hooked Magazine had already uploaded my pattern Ringo Shawl in their site. It is my first pattern for their magazine.


You can find more pictures here and can buy the pattern from the magazine or better still subscribe to their print or digital magazine for a whole load of interesting patterns. I also should catch up on blog hopping and find out what my blogger friends have been making all these days. Let me know what you think of the pattern and also send me pictures if you happen to make it.

Osho Scarf

March has been an interesting month. Two of my patterns got published. While Cordate Leaf Scarf got published in Interweave, Osho scarf got published in Knotions. This scarf got made when I was doodling with some left over yarn balls from another project. One thing led to another and soon I had a warm scarf on my hands. It is a very easy pattern wherein you can use up all those little yarn balls that may not be sufficient for other projects into making the scarf .

Knotions is a magazine where there are wonderful free patterns in both knitting and crocheting. I had already published in Knotions before, so I was thrilled to get it published once again. If you want to make one do check out the pattern here.


Do let me know when you make the scarf, so that I can include your project here.

Cordate Leaf Scarf

I have some exciting news to share. My new scarf pattern Cordate Leaf Scarf is now available in the Interweave store. It was a fun journey right from when the project was accepted. I received the most luscious yarn and remade the scarf with the heavenly Valley yarns Merino Tencel (Coltrain yarn).

CordateLeafScarf_SQUARE.jpgPC: Interweave/George Boe

My original scarf was made with ISPE Padova Merino yarn which I had bought long ago from the lovely Suma of the Happy Hand Store.


If you want to make this scarf it is available here.

The scarf is easy to make and mildly textured. The pattern has written instructions as well as diagrams. Make it in your favorite yarn and do send me a picture and I will post it on my blog.


Hundreds of beautiful doily patterns can be found in the Internet and through other social media. Apart from this there are several designers who come up with beautiful designs and lure people to make them by way of announcing Mystery crochet alongs. I was part of one such crochet along and the pattern is so beautiful. But soon another designer announced her CAL in another Facebook group. I checked it out and saw one of her patterns free. So just to check out her pattern, the doily manic that I am, I got sidetracked from the previous one and began this. It also coincided with another group’s call on Ravelry for making something in March, being the National Craft month that is being celebrated in some parts of the globe. So here is Lilla in all her glory.



I like this doily for its construction. With minimal use of post stitches, the doily gets a beautiful texture. The designer is Alli Susiluoto and you can find her patterns here. She also has a Facebook group where you can find her next CAL announcements.