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Ringo Shawl

I am back again after a short break. The break was a short vacation in Greece and Rome. The island of Santorini is so picturesque that I really wanted to settle down there. But dreams can be dreams only at times. Back home I was excited to find that Happily Hooked Magazine had already uploaded my pattern Ringo Shawl in their site. It is my first pattern for their magazine.


You can find more pictures here and can buy the pattern from the magazine or better still subscribe to their print or digital magazine for a whole load of interesting patterns. I also should catch up on blog hopping and find out what my blogger friends have been making all these days. Let me know what you think of the pattern and also send me pictures if you happen to make it.


Osho Scarf

March has been an interesting month. Two of my patterns got published. While Cordate Leaf Scarf got published in Interweave, Osho scarf got published in Knotions. This scarf got made when I was doodling with some left over yarn balls from another project. One thing led to another and soon I had a warm scarf on my hands. It is a very easy pattern wherein you can use up all those little yarn balls that may not be sufficient for other projects into making the scarf .

Knotions is a magazine where there are wonderful free patterns in both knitting and crocheting. I had already published in Knotions before, so I was thrilled to get it published once again. If you want to make one do check out the pattern here.


Do let me know when you make the scarf, so that I can include your project here.

Cordate Leaf Scarf

I have some exciting news to share. My new scarf pattern Cordate Leaf Scarf is now available in the Interweave store. It was a fun journey right from when the project was accepted. I received the most luscious yarn and remade the scarf with the heavenly Valley yarns Merino Tencel (Coltrain yarn).

CordateLeafScarf_SQUARE.jpgPC: Interweave/George Boe

My original scarf was made with ISPE Padova Merino yarn which I had bought long ago from the lovely Suma of the Happy Hand Store.


If you want to make this scarf it is available here.

The scarf is easy to make and mildly textured. The pattern has written instructions as well as diagrams. Make it in your favorite yarn and do send me a picture and I will post it on my blog.


Hundreds of beautiful doily patterns can be found in the Internet and through other social media. Apart from this there are several designers who come up with beautiful designs and lure people to make them by way of announcing Mystery crochet alongs. I was part of one such crochet along and the pattern is so beautiful. But soon another designer announced her CAL in another Facebook group. I checked it out and saw one of her patterns free. So just to check out her pattern, the doily manic that I am, I got sidetracked from the previous one and began this. It also coincided with another group’s call on Ravelry for making something in March, being the National Craft month that is being celebrated in some parts of the globe. So here is Lilla in all her glory.



I like this doily for its construction. With minimal use of post stitches, the doily gets a beautiful texture. The designer is Alli Susiluoto and you can find her patterns here. She also has a Facebook group where you can find her next CAL announcements.


Valentine Bookmarks

A frozen shoulder can be so painful. It has eaten into my crafting time, as long hours of crochet or knitting makes the pain unbearable. The only advantage of not crafting is that I have caught up on my reading. So when I am out of books, I take short bursts of crocheting.

While reading one day I lost my bookmark and was reminded by my daughter to pick one up and not dog-ear the book I was reading. Hunting for a bookmark proved futile and I was forced to pick a piece of paper till I completed that book. Then while browsing through Facebook I found Elizabeth Ann White’s heart bookmark. A lady had made the book mark and also made a video of how to make tassels for it. I quickly took up some thread and turned out the bookmark in ten minutes flat.


Coincidentally, the day I made it also happened to be Valentine’s day. You can find the pattern for this bookmark here. Have you made any such ten-minute projects? Do let me know. I am waiting to hear from you.


Those who know me will vouch for the fact that I really get excited when I get new thread or yarn. My mind goes in a whirl thinking of possibilities and choosing the right colour for the next project. When I got Knit Picks Curio, I took a long time in choosing the colour that I would go with first. Though I got six balls of lovely shades, the Olive green stood out. Hence the name Olivina too.

Once the design was ready, and my testers were done with it, I uploaded it on Ravelry as usual. It is now available on Ravelry. Do check it out.



Battling the Bobbin

After the machine arrived I just gave it a cursory inspection checking if all the accessories were in the box, went through the manual and repacked the machine as I was going on vacation. The idea was to pick up and stash some fabric during my vacation so that I can then use for my stitching. First off, I raided my mother’s cupboards for bits and pieces and then I bought some yards of fabric when I went shopping. Armed with these I was then ready for my machine. But was my machine ready for me?

Late in the evening when the house became silent I took out the machine and threaded it. My first project was a phone pouch with double zips. For a person who hasn’t handled a machine in years, this was an ambitious project, but I began in all earnest.  After the first part of the instructions in cutting and stitching were dealt with, the machine decided to test me. However I tried, the thread in the bobbin refused to come up. When it decided to make its appearance the thread in the needle snapped. After trying a couple more times I packed up.

The next day saw me battling the bobbin and winning too. I finished two phone pouches which did not satisfy me. Meanwhile, I asked my visiting niece what she wanted and of course, she needed a pouch, though she later settled for a sling bag with out the sling.

When my sister visited she brought a piece of Kalamkari fabric that she had salvaged from her dress. So I went to work on it from this video. I was impressed that it was simple and neat. But I still made a few mistakes which I was unable to fix immediately due to my enmity with the bobbin and needle which just stressed me out. The unfortunate thing was that I was unable to figure out where I was going wrong even though I was rethreading each time like the books asked me to.

Here is the version which I gifted my niece. She seemed to love it though.


I was unhappy with the finishing even though the bag was coveted immediately by the little girl. So I picked up some more scrap fabric from my stash and began stitching the same bag. Unfortunately, I seemed to be encountering the same bunch of problems with the bobbin and threader and was wasting thread as well as precious time. Then realization slowly dawned on me that I was threading it wrong all the time and I remained totally unaware about it all this while. So all was well this time around and I made this:


However, I felt it turned a tad smaller than the previous one. The tutorial is very easy to follow and I would recommend newbies like me to give the above video link a try.

What was your first project and how did it turn out? I would love to hear from you.