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Colour Splash

I love making doilies and so my pile of tiny balls of thread keep accumulating. At the end of 2016 I doodled a lot with thread and that too with bright colours, which is new to me. Almost always I use white or ecru for doilies. I made three colourful doilies and here is a pattern to the second one.The pattern has not been tested by my friends in ravelry. So if you happen to make this and find any errors do leave me a comment or link the pattern to the blog.img_4062

Colour splash is a small mandala using only basic crochet stitches and is a beginner project. It can be made with small balls of thread or just with one colour.


Coats India Anchor Mercerised Knitting Cotton

Hook: 2mm


Sc-Single crochet

dc- Double crochet

tr- treble

dccl- double crochet cluster


Ch 3 counts as dc throughout


Make 24 SC into magic circle. Join.

Row 1: *Ch5, SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC across, SC in next Ch, Ch5 * Rep from * to * around. (12 petals)

Row 2: Join new colour to top of any petal. Ch 5, SC on top of next petal. Repeat around. Join to beg Ch. (12 Ch 5 loops)

Row 3: Sl St into 5ch loop, ch 3, 4 DC in same loop, ch 2, *5 DC in next loop, ch3 * Repeat from * to * around. Join to beg ch3.

Row 4: Sl st, into next st, ch 3, dc in next 2 st, ch 3, sc in ch3 sp, ch3, skp next dc, dc in next 3 st, skp next dc, *(ch3, skp next dc, DC in next 3 ST, ch 3, SC in next ch 3 SP, ch3) * Rep from * to * around. Join to beg ch.

Row 5: sl st in next st, ch 9, sc in next sc, ch 5, skp next dc, tr in next dc, *(ch5, sc in next sc, ch 5, skp next dc, tr in next dc, skp next dc, ch 5 sc in next sc) * rep from * to * around. Join to 4th ch of beg ch.

Row 6: ch 1, 3sc next loop, ch 5, 3sc in next loop, ch3, 3sc in next loop, *( ch 5, 3sc in next loop, ch3, 3sc in next loop) * rep from * to * around. Join to beg sc. Fasten off.

Row 7: Join new colour in any ch 5 sp. *(sc, hdc, dc, tr, ch 2, tr, dc, hdc, sc in ch 5sp, ch 3, dc, ch 3 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3 ) * Rep from * to * around. Join to beg. sc and fasten off.

Row 8: Join new colour in any ch 2 sp, *(ch 3, dc, ch 1, ( 5 times) dc, ch 3, sc in next ch2 sp, ch 3) * rep from * to * around. Join to beg ch. Fasten off.

Row 9: Join with new colour to any ch 5 sp. Ch 4, dc in next ch 1 sp, * (dc, ch1, 6 times, dc in next ch 5 sp, ch2 dc in next ch 5 sp,) * Repeat from * to * around. Join to beg ch. Fasten off.

Row 10: Join new colour in any ch 2 space, ch 5, *(skp two ch spaces, 3 dc cl in next sp, ch 3, 3 dc cl in next sp, picot, ch 3, 3 dc cl next sp, ch 5) * Rep from * to * around. Fasten off. Block.



Little unused balls of yarn bother me time and again. I am unable to give it away and it just sits in my stash forever. So when a friend announced a crochet along in Ravelry for making Mandalas my mind began thinking, why not try something with these threads. I love making doilies but am not too fond of changing colours every other row.



But while watching television I began doodling with the threads. One round led me to another and before I could say Jack Robinson, the doily was complete, all under an hour’s time. Surprised to see me using such  bold colours, a first for me, she named it Incandescence.I showed the doily to my friends and they liked it. They even offered to test it for me and used such lovely colours, that I love their versions more than mine. Do check it out on ravelry.

Let me know what you do with little unused balls of thread that you hoard in your stash like me. Would love to hear from you.


It is ages since I updated my blog with something interesting. A discussion on threads with friends made me hunt for threads in my stash. Another discussion in a facebook group reminded me that Onam the harvest festival was on Tuesday, September 13. So I began doodling with thread and came up with the Pookalam which is a traditionally laid out design using flowers in front of one’s home during the festival of Onam.

Onam is a big festival for Kerala,the southernmost part of India. It is also known as the harvest festival and also the homecoming of the mythical king Mahabali. This festival is celebrated with decorations in front of the homes using colourful flowers known as pookalam. As my ancestors came from Kerala pookalam was an important feature in the homes of many relatives. Each year I decide to make a pookalam but never make it. This time I tried to make a pookalam at least with the colorful threads from my stash.

Here is how to make this doily. It hasn’t been tested for errors. So if you find one do let me know. If you happen to make one do share pictures with me on Ravelry.



Materials: Anchor Knitting Cotton

Hook: 2.5mm

Round 1: Using the magic circle make dc5tog, ch3, eight times into the loop. Join with ch1 and dc into the beg ch. Tighen the loop. Fasten off.

Round 2: Join new color. Ch 5, sc in next loop. Continue around, ch2, join with dc with beg ch. (16 loops)

Round 3: dc5tog in same space, ch3, sc in next sp, ch 3, *(dc5tog, ch3, dc5tog in next space, ch 3) * repeat from *to * around, dc 5tog in beg loop, ch1 dc join to beg ch.

Round 4: Ch 5, sc, around. Join with ch2, dc. (16 loops)

Round 5: dc 5tog, ch 3, sc in next loop, ch3, *(dc5tog, ch3, dc5tog) *, end with dc5tog, ch 1 dc to the beg ch. Fasten off.

Round 6: Change color. Ch 5, dc, ch3, dc in next st (V-stitch made), ch3, sc in next loop ch3  *( dc, ch3, dc in next st) * Rep from * to * around. Join with ch2, dc to beg chain. (8 V-stitches made)

Round 7: ch5, *(dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog, picot, dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog) * ch5 sc in next loop, repeat from *to * around. Join with sl st to beg chain. Fasten off. Block and enjoy.


Reconnecting with doilies

I am amazed at how people are dedicated to their blogs and blogging unlike me. 🙂 Every time I post something I promise to myself that I would update my blog regularly and that never happens. Invariably, two to three months rush past before I can collect myself and post the projects I have been completing and working on during my absence in blog land.
The excuse I have this time is that I am participating a birthday swap on Ravelry, wherein we send a handmade, a store bought and state specific gift to the birthday girls. So I have been working on handmades for gifting with a frenzy. Then all of a sudden I was struck with doily madness that I churned out doily after doily.
So here are some doilies that I completed in the past months that I have not been here.

Cluster Stitch Doily

Since I had a collection of variegated doilies, I did a small one and a big square one.

If you are wondering about the name of the above doily, it was suggested by a friend who thought the color resembled the butterfly pea flower. In tamil it is known as shankupushpam.
The last one is the multi-varigated doily called colorful wheels by Yoko Suzuki.

Apart from this I made a baby sweater for my friend’s daughter.
This is a pattern by fellow raveler Rima Aranha and you can find the pattern here.
Hope to come back soon with more finished objects. Till then Ciao! 🙂

Garments galore!

It has been a month since I updated my blog. Have been traveling and then generally life took over. However, I have a couple of projects to show off.
My pet project has been Owlivia, the adorable owl from Interweave Crochet summer issue.


I had to make her when I set my eyes on her. But then, I got the time to make her only yesterday. It takes only two hours to complete this cute project.
Then earlier I made the Zipline Shell by Linda Permann. When my daughter saw the pattern as I was browsing online, she wanted it in pink. But the pattern came in larger sizes only. So I did the math and surprised myself by getting it right and it now fits her to a T.

Zipline Shell

Another such project was the Spring Shell by Simona Merchant Dest. This is also a plus size garment and from Interweave. I had been eyeing it for long. Emboldened by my previous effort at sizing down a garment, I ventured to do my math and it turned out perfect.

Spring Shell

That is all for this week. Hope to post my WIP on Wednesday. This goes to Tamis Amis’ FO Fridays. Do check out other FO’s here.

A Colourful Cushion

I have long wanted to make colorful granny square pillows. When a friend recently asked if I could make them for her, I agreed. Here is the one I completed.

After joining the squares on the go, I joined the two sides and added two buttons. However, I do feel that I have to sew a lining for the next one I make. This cushion was done with scraps of acrylic yarn. The other one in the making is with knitting cotton.
Check out other finished objects at Tamis Amis.


From the day I joined Ravelry, I have been addicted to it. So much so that whenever I sit at the computer the kids ask me if l was checking out ravelry. Ravelry can also be blamed for my not updating my blogs as regularly as I used to. 🙂 This post is long overdue and now that I have returned after our revelry in Bangalore, I thought I would share our shopping experience with fellow ravelers who didn’t join us when we went silk yarn shopping.
The day after I reached Bangalore I accompanied my sister-in-law to Raja Market where Sanhita had taken me earlier to shop. We found the shop quite easily and quickly filled bags with the “yummy” acrylic which was stacked in myriad colors. 🙂
Then since I wanted Laura cotton, I took directions from Sanhita for Bharat Fancy store and just when I was about to give up the search spotted it. So I got us some Laura cotton and was about to leave when we got caught in a torrential downpour. We were stranded for close to 45 minutes and we literally waded our way out from the market.
I gotVardhman Variegated
Vardhman Millenium Since this is going to be a picture heavy post, I am not posting rest of the bounty. 🙂
The day dawned bright and sunny on the day we ravelers met, but somehow the weatherman knew I was going to go yarn shopping again. After we got in the car and reached Silkindian a downpour began and we all rushed inside the shop just short of getting drenched.
Silk yarn
We went berserk unable to choose from the lot and had fun discussing what to make with the different weights of yarn. Finally I picked up Leann’s yarn Sari silk yarn in variegated and Shilpa’s 15/3 spun silk
Spun silk
Last but not the least I picked up sari silk yarn to make a purse more out of curiosity. Sari silk
It has transformed into a purse and would be another blog post soon.
We left Silkindian with lighter purses and heavier bags. The rain let up just to let us have our show and tell at CCD, where we literally lost track of time chatting about everything under the sun. Suma and me got dropped off at a point and struggled to find an auto. Just as we found one and took off the rain took off too and we were stranded again for an hour in the downpour in heavy traffic (wonder which was heavier!) 🙂
However, it was so much fun meeting all like minded crafters and it sure was revelry all the way.:)