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Bags, Totes, et al.,

Bags, purses, totes, clutch, any other, in any material you name, I have it. But it was never enough. I had to make one on my own. Thus started my tryst with crocheting bags. So when I went to Walmart one day I chanced upon this flier for a string bag. The string bag was to be made using crafty cotton by Yarns Brunswick. So I picked up a couple of colors and in a couple of sittings finished the bag. I was so excited by the final look of the bag, that one day I even took it out for shopping. Wonder of wonders, I was stopped by two ladies in Costco, who asked me where I got the bag. Needless to say I was pleased as punch and told them it was my first effort at crocheting a bag and that I got the simplest pattern from a flier. After several oohs and aahs over it and other crochet related discussions I left them making up my mind to make a few more. But after this particular pattern, the bags which I made were all my own versions of sling bags and were all gifted away during Navratri to bagaholics like me. 

Recently when I was checking my inventory of bags, I was shocked to find that I just have two finished bags and one purse in progress. My other work in queue is the now famous Haekel beutel bag, which I have set my sights on.

My other finished tote is taken from a pattern from Crochet World. It is actually a back pack which I decided to overlook and made it into a sling bag using worsted weight yarn.

The reason for my dwindling collection of bags is that friends and relatives like my bags more than I do. 🙂 Otherwise would I have gifted all those bags I made. 😦 

There is also a nagging doubt after finishing a bag project if it was up to the mark, whether it puckers here or there, if the color is right after all…. it never ends. Also, like the cook who likes to tweak recipes to suit her taste, I have to tweak a pattern here or there which may be the reason behind my never achieving complete satisfaction over the bag I make.:) And so it leaves me with “Should I follow a pattern to the T?” Please let me know.


3 Responses

  1. OK now this looks sooo classy. PLEEEEASE share the patterns!!!! They look lovely…and I so want to make them 🙂


  2. They are lovely!

    As for patterns/recipes, it depends on your goals, and the level of imperfection you’re willing to accept. And remember, even when you do something to the T, it may not work out exactly. It’s like that in any craft, I think – the individual touch counts for something, good or bad.


  3. I guess so…:)


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