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Those who know me will vouch for the fact that I really get excited when I get new thread or yarn. My mind goes in a whirl thinking of possibilities and choosing the right colour for the next project. When I got Knit Picks Curio, I took a long time in choosing the colour that I would go with first. Though I got six balls of lovely shades, the Olive green stood out. Hence the name Olivina too.

Once the design was ready, and my testers were done with it, I uploaded it on Ravelry as usual. It is now available on Ravelry. Do check it out.




Colour Splash

I love making doilies and so my pile of tiny balls of thread keep accumulating. At the end of 2016 I doodled a lot with thread and that too with bright colours, which is new to me. Almost always I use white or ecru for doilies. I made three colourful doilies and here is a pattern to the second one.The pattern has not been tested by my friends in ravelry. So if you happen to make this and find any errors do leave me a comment or link the pattern to the blog.img_4062

Colour splash is a small mandala using only basic crochet stitches and is a beginner project. It can be made with small balls of thread or just with one colour.


Coats India Anchor Mercerised Knitting Cotton

Hook: 2mm


Sc-Single crochet

dc- Double crochet

tr- treble

dccl- double crochet cluster


Ch 3 counts as dc throughout


Make 24 SC into magic circle. Join.

Row 1: *Ch5, SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC across, SC in next Ch, Ch5 * Rep from * to * around. (12 petals)

Row 2: Join new colour to top of any petal. Ch 5, SC on top of next petal. Repeat around. Join to beg Ch. (12 Ch 5 loops)

Row 3: Sl St into 5ch loop, ch 3, 4 DC in same loop, ch 2, *5 DC in next loop, ch3 * Repeat from * to * around. Join to beg ch3.

Row 4: Sl st, into next st, ch 3, dc in next 2 st, ch 3, sc in ch3 sp, ch3, skp next dc, dc in next 3 st, skp next dc, *(ch3, skp next dc, DC in next 3 ST, ch 3, SC in next ch 3 SP, ch3) * Rep from * to * around. Join to beg ch.

Row 5: sl st in next st, ch 9, sc in next sc, ch 5, skp next dc, tr in next dc, *(ch5, sc in next sc, ch 5, skp next dc, tr in next dc, skp next dc, ch 5 sc in next sc) * rep from * to * around. Join to 4th ch of beg ch.

Row 6: ch 1, 3sc next loop, ch 5, 3sc in next loop, ch3, 3sc in next loop, *( ch 5, 3sc in next loop, ch3, 3sc in next loop) * rep from * to * around. Join to beg sc. Fasten off.

Row 7: Join new colour in any ch 5 sp. *(sc, hdc, dc, tr, ch 2, tr, dc, hdc, sc in ch 5sp, ch 3, dc, ch 3 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3 ) * Rep from * to * around. Join to beg. sc and fasten off.

Row 8: Join new colour in any ch 2 sp, *(ch 3, dc, ch 1, ( 5 times) dc, ch 3, sc in next ch2 sp, ch 3) * rep from * to * around. Join to beg ch. Fasten off.

Row 9: Join with new colour to any ch 5 sp. Ch 4, dc in next ch 1 sp, * (dc, ch1, 6 times, dc in next ch 5 sp, ch2 dc in next ch 5 sp,) * Repeat from * to * around. Join to beg ch. Fasten off.

Row 10: Join new colour in any ch 2 space, ch 5, *(skp two ch spaces, 3 dc cl in next sp, ch 3, 3 dc cl in next sp, picot, ch 3, 3 dc cl next sp, ch 5) * Rep from * to * around. Fasten off. Block.


Little unused balls of yarn bother me time and again. I am unable to give it away and it just sits in my stash forever. So when a friend announced a crochet along in Ravelry for making Mandalas my mind began thinking, why not try something with these threads. I love making doilies but am not too fond of changing colours every other row.



But while watching television I began doodling with the threads. One round led me to another and before I could say Jack Robinson, the doily was complete, all under an hour’s time. Surprised to see me using such  bold colours, a first for me, she named it Incandescence.I showed the doily to my friends and they liked it. They even offered to test it for me and used such lovely colours, that I love their versions more than mine. Do check it out on ravelry.

Let me know what you do with little unused balls of thread that you hoard in your stash like me. Would love to hear from you.


It is ages since I updated my blog with something interesting. A discussion on threads with friends made me hunt for threads in my stash. Another discussion in a facebook group reminded me that Onam the harvest festival was on Tuesday, September 13. So I began doodling with thread and came up with the Pookalam which is a traditionally laid out design using flowers in front of one’s home during the festival of Onam.

Onam is a big festival for Kerala,the southernmost part of India. It is also known as the harvest festival and also the homecoming of the mythical king Mahabali. This festival is celebrated with decorations in front of the homes using colourful flowers known as pookalam. As my ancestors came from Kerala pookalam was an important feature in the homes of many relatives. Each year I decide to make a pookalam but never make it. This time I tried to make a pookalam at least with the colorful threads from my stash.

Here is how to make this doily. It hasn’t been tested for errors. So if you find one do let me know. If you happen to make one do share pictures with me on Ravelry.



Materials: Anchor Knitting Cotton

Hook: 2.5mm

Round 1: Using the magic circle make dc5tog, ch3, eight times into the loop. Join with ch1 and dc into the beg ch. Tighen the loop. Fasten off.

Round 2: Join new color. Ch 5, sc in next loop. Continue around, ch2, join with dc with beg ch. (16 loops)

Round 3: dc5tog in same space, ch3, sc in next sp, ch 3, *(dc5tog, ch3, dc5tog in next space, ch 3) * repeat from *to * around, dc 5tog in beg loop, ch1 dc join to beg ch.

Round 4: Ch 5, sc, around. Join with ch2, dc. (16 loops)

Round 5: dc 5tog, ch 3, sc in next loop, ch3, *(dc5tog, ch3, dc5tog) *, end with dc5tog, ch 1 dc to the beg ch. Fasten off.

Round 6: Change color. Ch 5, dc, ch3, dc in next st (V-stitch made), ch3, sc in next loop ch3  *( dc, ch3, dc in next st) * Rep from * to * around. Join with ch2, dc to beg chain. (8 V-stitches made)

Round 7: ch5, *(dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog, picot, dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog) * ch5 sc in next loop, repeat from *to * around. Join with sl st to beg chain. Fasten off. Block and enjoy.


Delightful Doilies

It has been ages since I worked on a doily. I have always been a fan of Patricia Kristofferson and her absolutely delightful and challenging doilies. A friend gifted me a few patterns some aeons ago and I never got around to working on them. This Pineapple Song

is from that collection. Iam working two rows a day and hope to complete it by next wednesday. Unfortunately I am going to run out of thread and am considering a contrast thread to continue it with.
The other incomplete project I have, was begun in earnest for a CAL (crochet along for the unitiated) with Raveler friends. Many of them have completed and put up gorgeous photos of the finished wigglies but I am lagging behind. This wiggly crochet is very simple and worked on a grid. It was a nice technic to learn.

Hoping to finish this too before next week.
Want to check out more such delightful incomplete goodies. Head over to Tamis Amis

Haekel beutel sees the light of day

I was on a blogging break and am back with a bounty. I have increased my stash, finished a couple of projects which was not seeing the light of day. I also went on a stashaholic spree and acquired nylon cords for future bag projects, bag handles and threads for doilies.

And last but not the least I met a lady (age 70 plus) who crochets, but can’t to this day read any pattern and doesn’t know the name of any crochet related stitch. I have known her for over twenty years and was in touch with her on and off,  but never knew that she was doing crochet without knowing the names of her stitches. She photo copies some pictures of doilies from the Ondori book and seeing the pictures makes her doilies. She says she is confused with the diagram of the pattern and she finds the picture easier. This time when she gifted me a small pouch I was so surprised that this lady makes these bags and table cloths (medium sized) and is also selling her work.

The reason she gifted me this bag was because I had mentioned in passing that the string I had made for my bags hadn’t turned out well. Immediately the next day she visited me with this bag made out of some scrap thread in her stash. The pattern for this bag is entirely hers. She doesn’t give a lining to these but she lines all her clutch purses. I now have to figure out her pattern and write it down.

In return I taught her how to make the Haekel beutel bag. I have no doubt she would gift me with one the next time I visit her. 

While holidaying, I finished the Haekel beutel and a pinwheel doily.

The Haekel…. was done with Anchor Knitting Cotton, which according to me is slightly thicker than size 10 thread. I lined it before joining the squares.  I am not entirely satisfied with the bag because it sags.  

I am very pleased with my doily which I made with size 10 thread from a lesser known brand called Chain 10. Though I haven’t starched or blocked my doily, it has stayed in shape and is quite stiff.