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Battling the Bobbin

After the machine arrived I just gave it a cursory inspection checking if all the accessories were in the box, went through the manual and repacked the machine as I was going on vacation. The idea was to pick up and stash some fabric during my vacation so that I can then use for my stitching. First off, I raided my mother’s cupboards for bits and pieces and then I bought some yards of fabric when I went shopping. Armed with these I was then ready for my machine. But was my machine ready for me?

Late in the evening when the house became silent I took out the machine and threaded it. My first project was a phone pouch with double zips. For a person who hasn’t handled a machine in years, this was an ambitious project, but I began in all earnest.  After the first part of the instructions in cutting and stitching were dealt with, the machine decided to test me. However I tried, the thread in the bobbin refused to come up. When it decided to make its appearance the thread in the needle snapped. After trying a couple more times I packed up.

The next day saw me battling the bobbin and winning too. I finished two phone pouches which did not satisfy me. Meanwhile, I asked my visiting niece what she wanted and of course, she needed a pouch, though she later settled for a sling bag with out the sling.

When my sister visited she brought a piece of Kalamkari fabric that she had salvaged from her dress. So I went to work on it from this video. I was impressed that it was simple and neat. But I still made a few mistakes which I was unable to fix immediately due to my enmity with the bobbin and needle which just stressed me out. The unfortunate thing was that I was unable to figure out where I was going wrong even though I was rethreading each time like the books asked me to.

Here is the version which I gifted my niece. She seemed to love it though.


I was unhappy with the finishing even though the bag was coveted immediately by the little girl. So I picked up some more scrap fabric from my stash and began stitching the same bag. Unfortunately, I seemed to be encountering the same bunch of problems with the bobbin and threader and was wasting thread as well as precious time. Then realization slowly dawned on me that I was threading it wrong all the time and I remained totally unaware about it all this while. So all was well this time around and I made this:


However, I felt it turned a tad smaller than the previous one. The tutorial is very easy to follow and I would recommend newbies like me to give the above video link a try.

What was your first project and how did it turn out? I would love to hear from you.


New Year and One More Hobby

I used to learn sewing when I was in high school. We had a treadle machine by singer and I considered myself quite a pro in using it, though I did not stitch many garments and mostly repaired torn stuff. Off late whenever I come across beautiful quilts, I was bitten by the sewing bug and continue to nurse dreams of making my own quilt someday.  This New Year I said I wanted to gift myself a sewing machine. I did a lot of research and decided I wanted an Allure and if did not suffice I could upgrade later to another higher end machine. A fellow raveler’s blog post also was helpful in making my decision.


Once I began using the machine, it is coming back to me slowly. I am able to adjust the speed and easily fix bobbins and not hassled by thread jams. My goal is to make a small quilt initially before getting on to bigger and challenging ones.

End of 2017, my sister makes her annual visit home. I had ordered Knit Picks Curio thread which I had wanted to use for long. It is ages since I worked with size 10 thread for doilies. So when that arrived with her I immediately began working on a couple of doilies. One of the doilies is under testing. So hopefully next week I will be back with the new doily pattern.


How was your new year. Do you have anything new to share. Do leave your comments I would love to visit you blog and take a peek at your work too.

Water colour and a Snowflake

It has been ages since I drew something. As I am suffering pain in the right shoulder and arm, I thought I should give crochet a rest. I picked up books to read and completed two of them. Then, while browsing Pinterest I chanced upon a simple sketch of a girl. So out came my sketch book and I sketched away. The pencil sketch was ok and I asked my cousin, who is an artist, to tell me what improvements I could make in the sketch. Once I made the corrections, I decided she needs some color. Now, I have not touched my brushes in a very long time and that too water color! I was skeptical that I would end up spoiling the sketch. But surprisingly it wasn’t too bad and my cousin approved too. So here she is: The Pin Up Beauty!



The sketch was done on handmade paper.

It is over a week since I touched my crochet hooks and I am already having withdrawal symptoms. I had made a snowflake last week as my Facebook feed was overflowing with people who had made several snowflakes for the holiday season to decorate their trees. I had randomly drawn a shape on bit of paper and I decided to translate that with thread and hook. I am happy the doodling worked. Now, the toughest part is to name the project. Snow is “pani” in Tamil. “Malar” is flower. So she turned into Panimalar and I put it up as  a free pattern on Ravelry. If you like to make snowflakes do check it out. If you make it and run into any errors in pattern writing do drop me a line.



New Doilies for the Holidays

It has been a long time since I posted anything. I have been busy with new designs and getting it tested before publication. I have published two new patterns in Ravelry. Meanwhile, I am also suffering from tendonitis and so it has hampered my crafting time. In fact it over a week since I am crafting anything. Anyway here are my two new doilies:

Prairie SunIMG_4924.jpg

This doily was inspired by a bright yellow wild flowers that I loved when in living in the Nilgiris. I had some shiny thread, which was I haven’t used in ages. So I used the thread which proved to be bright like the flower I was inspired by.

The next one is also inspired by the spider flower, so I named it Cleome:


Cleome was done with Red Heart size 20 mercerized cotton. However, doilies can be done using any thread that you have in your stash. But be aware that thread to a different size and hook different that the one specified will result in a different sized doily that pictured in the original. Both the patterns are available in Ravelry, if you like and chose to make for yourself or to gift during the season.

Mountain Bloom Doily

Most of the crafters I know, know about my addiction to doilies. Whether it is a charted pattern or written during ancient times, I just have to try it. I am also known to start multiple projects and forget about them conveniently by starting a new one. One such project was a doily which i had just started and had relinquished it to the deep recesses of my work-in-progress bin. In the process I lost the chart for the doily and I was left with no pattern to continue.

I picked it up and made my own doily and I was pretty happy with it. I asked for a few testers to test it and only a couple of them completed it. I lost interest and then one fine day as I was looking at the doily that I had displayed on my dressing table, I decided that the final rows had to be reworked to give it better shape. So I ended up reworking the doily and here it is all tested.


The pattern can be bought from Ravelry. Do link to my pattern if you happen to make it.

Pinnate Square Runner

It has been a long time since I posted on the blog. Well, I have been busy with designing and completing unfinished projects. One of the designs that I made in May, was a small square that can be joined into a table cloth or runner. I of course, turned it into a runner as it is easier than making a large table cloth that I would end up not using. I did like my runner though cos it just fits my center table in the living room and adds some overall charm to the room on the whole.IMG_4541IMG_4540

If you are looking to make one, you can find the pattern here.   

If you want to commission this runner in any other color do email me at yadvii@gmail.com.


I love doodling. On paper, with a pen, pencil, crayon, sketch pen, anything that is within reach. This doodling is a habit from childhood that I have never tried to shake off, as I grew older. And this habit of mine has now led to a designing streak that makes me pick up yarns at random and make up projects taking the idea from what I have drawn. Recently, when there was a call for a design submission, I just emailed the editor asking if she would be interested in the pattern. “I would,” came the reply and I was thrilled. Though it was for a different season, the editor told me it would fit in well in the spring issue and TADA! here it is in the spring issue of Knotions. Check it out.!

Here is the picture of the shawl.