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Itsy Bitsy Tote

The internet has been a constant source of inspiration. A few weeks ago, while browsing I chanced upon a colourful bag and was totally smitten by it. I wanted to make one immediately. Since the bag was made entirely using scrap yarn, I gathered all my teeny tiny balls of yarn from the various nooks and crannies and made up this bag in a matter of hours.

If you would like to make one here is the pattern.


Scrap yarn 20-25gms of each colour in 4 ply

Yarn needle


Hook 4mm

Stitches used

Dc- Double crochet

Sc- Single crochet

Stitch pattern

V-stitch: dc, ch1 dc


The size of the bag will vary depending on the yarn weight and hook used.


Row 1: Ch153, sc in second ch from hook and in the next 19 st, v-st in next st, skp two ch, v-st in next st, repeat till 20st before end of row, sc in next 20 st. Turn. (20sc, 38v-st, 20 sc)

Row 2: ch1, sc in next 20 st, v-st in all the v-st of previous row, sc in next 20 st, turn. 

Row 3: Changing colour, repeat Row 2.

Change colour after every 2 rows.

Fasten off.


Fold the fabric in half and sew the sides of the bag using a yarn needle. 

Fold the single crochet portion of the top in half and sew across. Sew across on the opposite side. Fasten off.


Ch 100, dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc till the end of row, ch2 turn. Dc across. Fasten off. 

Insert dc into space between sc fold and join the ends of the dc rows.

Repeat once more for the opposite side.

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