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Mountain Bloom Doily

Most of the crafters I know, know about my addiction to doilies. Whether it is a charted pattern or written during ancient times, I just have to try it. I am also known to start multiple projects and forget about them conveniently by starting a new one. One such project was a doily which i had just started and had relinquished it to the deep recesses of my work-in-progress bin. In the process I lost the chart for the doily and I was left with no pattern to continue.

I picked it up and made my own doily and I was pretty happy with it. I asked for a few testers to test it and only a couple of them completed it. I lost interest and then one fine day as I was looking at the doily that I had displayed on my dressing table, I decided that the final rows had to be reworked to give it better shape. So I ended up reworking the doily and here it is all tested.


The pattern can be bought from Ravelry. Do link to my pattern if you happen to make it.