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I have numerous unfinished projects that I even refuse to look at them leave alone finding out how many I have in different stages of completion. So when friends suggest completing finished objects or even starting new projects, I am scared to commit. However, doilies are a one of a kind object that draws me in. Even then I didn’t want to rise to the bait and when 100 doilies in a year was suggested I balked. Though in a corner of my mind I already began planning, which doilies can I pull out to try, whether from my magic or decorative crochet or leisure arts or Pinterest. As I sat down to watch television, I spotted an untidy ball of thread peaking out of a workbasket. I absently toyed with it and rummaged into the workbasket to find a crochet hook. When I began doodling with the thread I suddenly remembered an image I had saved on the desktop. So I hurried to my desk to take a printout, but unfortunately there was no ink. So I memorized a few rows and went back to the television. In between work, housework and reading books, I managed to complete this doily in two days. Ah! The joy of completing a project is satisfying. Once blocked and displayed you feel a sense of pride and achievement. However, I am yet to learn the art of photography. I hope I learn to take better photographs this year.


This is the doily I chose from Pinterest. It is very easy to make even though the concentric rings inside look complicated. The doily had a Russian name that I couldn’t translate, hence concentricity. So that is the story of my first doily of the year.

Do you have loads of unfinished projects that you turn your back on and start a new project? Do let me know, I would love to hear about it.


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