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Sarovar Wrap

Has been a long time since I posted. But I was busy, moving, setting up house, running behind the kids. In fact, there were a few months, which went by without my taking a crochet hook in hand. Then there was a Knit Along on ravelry.ImageThen there was a CAL on FB, wherein they wanted everyone to try out the diagonal box or block stitch. I had been wanting to try out this stitch for ages, but it never happened. So I decided that I would give it a shot. I made a swatch and loved it, so I turned it into this.ImageHaving fallen in love with this stitch, I decided to make a shawl using this stitch for the ensuing winter. Though it doesn’t get so cold, where i live, it would definitely be nice to wrap it around and watch the telly once in a while. Thus, Sarovar wrap took shape. Though, the Sarovar (Lake) near my place is not this color, I sincerely hope it would change some day. We all live in hope don’t we?

When ravelers met for a week later that week, I was encouraged to sell my pattern.

Sarovar Wrap

Since joining ravelry, I have several enablers surrounding me, which is agreat encouragement and I decided to sell the pattern. A few people volunteered to test my pattern and then I began selling it here. You needn’t be a member of ravelry to buy it.



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