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Nonsense. This was the topic that was given at the beginning of last week. I have thought about it the whole week and did have sporadic bursts of ideas regarding several nonsensical things I have heard and read over the years. But when the time came to write it down, I was ‘keyboard tied’. After writing a couple of sentences I had to press the delete button.

Meanwhile, life interrupted, I had to travel, kids, everything else came in the way. Just this afternoon as I was about to give up, my daughter came up with a sentence. “Oh the water is boiling cold!” She was telling this to her elder sibling and I smiled at the phrase. How can something be boiling cold?
So I asked her what kind of a phrase was that. She said she opened the tap meant for hot water, but cold water came. It didn’t occur to her that the first two seconds, the water will be cold, before it turns hot.

After the above said conversation, I still drew a blank. So I picked up a magazine and was browsing thoughtlessly, when I came to a page which said “Tips and Tricks.”
That was when I remembered some of the tips and tricks which I had read when I was in college. There were these vernacular magazines, which paid about Rs.50 or offered some gift to those who could send them tips on cookery, housekeeping etc., People just wrote some non-sensical tip and there were magazines, which published that also. Once I came upon tips which were utter nonsense. Someone had written that before you switch on the gas, place the kadai on the burner, add mustard and other tempering ingredients,then light the stove. I thought this was the most non-sensical piece ever. The other piece of advice (a hilarious one at that) another person had written was not to pin-up the sari at the shoulder as it will tear it, so it is better not to pin it.
I am writing this nonsense as I really do not want to break week-4 of “Fifty-two Weeks of 2013” for lack of ideas. The other ideas that come to mind are our respected ‘politicians’ who made such wonderful comments on what women should wear, in the aftermath of the gang-rape that shook our country. I think there can be nothing else to beat those non-sensical statements. May be I should have compiled all the nonsensical statements which the newspapers carried and it would have been apt for this topic.

Anyway I have tried hard to be nonsensical, (as u may have found out from the second para) which is actually not entirely new to me 😉 Unfortunately, when I really want to talk nonsense, I feel I sound too sensible…sensibly nonsensical…or nonsensically sensible….whatever…:)


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