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My Flower Garnets

When I first saw the theme for this week I was a tad disappointed. I was thinking that I couldn’t find anything to photograph on anything ‘Garnetty’. Then to make things worse I couldn’t transfer photos from my phone through Bluetooth. I couldn’t find the cable for my camera. I was also frustrated that the second week I am unable to post anything. So I decided not to post on Garnet and not link it to Fifty-Two Weeks of 2013.

Then when I was on my morning walk, it hit me. It was right under my nose and I failed to see it the past four days. But still I had one hurdle, had to find that dratted cable. I hurried home and reorganized my suitcase to find it under the pile of clothes. Garnet is my favorite shade for clothes. I don’t have any jewelery in garnet.

The beautiful buds of the Oleander

The beautiful buds of the Oleander

coffeeberry These look like coffee berries, but they are not. It is some flower which after wilting turns into this berry.

Exora Buds The Exora buds are a nice variation of the color garnet and I found them very pretty.
I am not a great photographer. But I was really thrilled I could get a pic for the blog theme for the second week. These are the flowers I find daily during my walks in my parent’s garden. Only disappointment is that there is no adobe photoshop in the computer I am using currently, else would have done better job šŸ˜‰


4 Responses

  1. Nice! The first and third ones are quite sharp, more so the third one. Glad you found something.


  2. I loved the third photograph.


  3. I am amazed at our finds and these flowers are yet another beautiful ones of the colour. Yes, like sra and Mahesh said the exora is my favourite too.


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