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A Very Happy New Year

The day dawned really beautiful, blue and especially sunny. I was awoken by a phone call at 6.45.  With the rays of the sun falling on my face I answered the call for good wishes and wished the caller, an older cousin, who was ringing in the New Year with a visit to her favorite temple.

After lolling a bit in bed, I woke up not wanting to waste this beautiful morning. There were a few calls as I was having my morning coffee and a few more messages on my phone that I diligently answered and messaged back. In all these calls there was one thing common. No one asked me what my New Year Resolutions were.

This is a first for me. Each and every year everyone who calls me, or messages or emails me will have this staple question, “So what is the New Year Resolution?”

There were times when I used to think and create a New Year Resolution, just because a caller wanted to know. There were also times when I already thought of nearly a dozen resolutions and made up my mind to see it resolved by the end of the year.

Though several people do ask about resolutions taken, none of them reveal their own resolutions nor do they bother to find out if my previous resolutions were kept or did it ever see the light of day.

However, all these years I did make a list of resolutions each year without fail and some of them were kept for the whole month of January and slowly died a sorry death due to various reasons, some without any reason and some were simply forgotten.

Immediate family who knew the result of these resolutions either chose to keep quiet but for some irritants who chose to throw in a barb “Like the resolution you made and abandoned mid way!” Ouch! That used to hurt, but not for long.

 Just recently I started reading regularly, a blog, whose writer I am inspired by. The blogger writes on different topics, like cooking, reading and crafts. There are no earth-shaking views or anything like that, just ordinary stuff in very ordinary language (without frills, that’s what I mean) and writes from her heart. And just this past month I have been reading that blog regularly (that is whenever it was updated.)

After reading the above said blog, I am actually compelled to write on whatever is close to my heart on a regular basis. I want to do so not to garner comments or great appreciation from fellow bloggers, but it is a record of sorts for a person to have, as to what one has done over the week, month or year and to find how productively one has spent time. I also have several blogging favorites that I read regularly and wish I am active enough to update my blog regularly.

This is also the first time that I have so far not thought about at least one resolution. But for the sake of habit I have two resolutions, made while writing this, only two, which I don’t plan to reveal. I seriously hope that I would complete these resolutions and shout from the rooftops that I was successful.

I actually know for a fact that if my resolutions were to become a success, I would really be a very improved person and I know it in my heart. So wish me luck.

AND A VERY Happy Prosperous New Year to all my Friends and Acquaintances in Blogland.   

This goes to The Fifty-Two Weeks of 2013


10 Responses

  1. This is a really nice piece! My resolutions, as far back as I can remember, are usually to do with losing weight, not worrying, and such, and they haven’t worked. After that one resolution, made after a few years of not making any, was to not watch a certain news channel because I couldn’t stand the anchors. I think I was able to do that, less than more, but still …

    No resolutions this year. And today has gone by as ordinarily as any other day. Well, not really, because I was home with my parents and that means a different set of activities.

    Best of luck with your blogging resolution and your other two secret ones.


  2. You know, I’m beginning to think that my lack of resolutions is because I know I’m probably not going to see them through! 🙂


  3. Loved reading the piece! Good luck with whatever you choose to do! It sounds like your reasons for your resolution are important to you, so it sounds like you’ll be sticking with it! 🙂 Happy New Year!


  4. Well written post. Good luck with your resolutions and a Happy new year to you.


  5. I hope you do shout from the rooftops about your successful resolutions. Happy new year!


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