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Turquoise Blue Shawl

My recent finished object is a cabled shawl. I am a novice at knitting. It is just a little over a year since I learnt knitting. While browsing in Ravelry one day I came across this Knit-along. I thought it would be fun to join a group of people and knit. Excited, I joined enthusiastically. Usually, I join most of these “alongs” with great enthusiasm. Slowly interest wanes or I am unhappy with the yarn of my choice, or I would have ripped the project a couple of times, which annoys me no end. That also leads to ending the project on the whole.
But surprisingly during this knit-along, I changed yarn a couple of times, but the interest was sustained, simply because of the beautiful cables which began twining itself row after row into my heart. I have done a cable hat before but this one was different. And I also did not anticipate the cables while joining the KAL. So when the first clue started climbing I was eagerly waiting for my next clue.
And so on till I completed the last clue. When I showed my mom the cables some time ago, she mentioned that it was called “Paambu Stitch” (Paambu meaning snake) during her time. So I named my shawl Charming Snakes.


Jen Lucas, the designer of this shawl, is bringing out her book of shawls, 15 of them in January. Her patterns are easy to read and quick to work. Those interested can check out her work here.
This is also the first time I am making a bright colored shawl. I am even wearing it in the cold evenings here in the mountains.
Enthused by this beautiful shawl, I have already begun another in off-white, a much favorited pattern from ravelry. I hope to complete it and wear it before winter ends.


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