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Reconnecting with doilies

I am amazed at how people are dedicated to their blogs and blogging unlike me. 🙂 Every time I post something I promise to myself that I would update my blog regularly and that never happens. Invariably, two to three months rush past before I can collect myself and post the projects I have been completing and working on during my absence in blog land.
The excuse I have this time is that I am participating a birthday swap on Ravelry, wherein we send a handmade, a store bought and state specific gift to the birthday girls. So I have been working on handmades for gifting with a frenzy. Then all of a sudden I was struck with doily madness that I churned out doily after doily.
So here are some doilies that I completed in the past months that I have not been here.

Cluster Stitch Doily

Since I had a collection of variegated doilies, I did a small one and a big square one.

If you are wondering about the name of the above doily, it was suggested by a friend who thought the color resembled the butterfly pea flower. In tamil it is known as shankupushpam.
The last one is the multi-varigated doily called colorful wheels by Yoko Suzuki.

Apart from this I made a baby sweater for my friend’s daughter.
This is a pattern by fellow raveler Rima Aranha and you can find the pattern here.
Hope to come back soon with more finished objects. Till then Ciao! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hi Srividya- nice to know you participated in a Ravelry swap. CONGRATS. Can you tell me how to become a member to this type of swap. I am knitter- You can mail me details to my mail id kalmat57@bsnl.in


  2. Hey, I like the wheels! Didn’t realise I’d missed quite a few posts.


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