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Welcome 2012!

A very Happy New Year to all of you, though belated. This year I haven’t taken several New Year Resolutions like I usually do. I am tired of not keeping up with my resolutions. 🙂 We are back after a nice holiday in Singapore. I did a wee bit of shopping for yarn and other crafty stuff. The day I reached home, I was swamped with house work. On an organising spree, I found this cross stitch worked by me some eons ago.

Then I realized that working on crochet and knitting throughout the year, I have neglected other the crafts that I used to do, like cross stitch, embroidery and painting. I just can’t believe it is a little over ten years since I last picked up my brush. I hope to do justice to my other crafts also this year. There! I have made one resolution already.
This year I hope to learn quilting even though I don’t have a machine yet. I am yet to start a new project this year, though there are several languishing in the WIP pile. It will be better if I tackle them first before embarking on new ones. This is will be my second resolution I guess. 🙂 Writing this blog is not helping me, I am making resolution after resolution. So before another one pops up in my head, I will take leave. Until my next post Ciao!


7 Responses

  1. Love the words on your cross stitch!


  2. I’ve not tried cross-stitch yet. somehow, I don’t think I can keep the counts straight. Love the saying on your cross-stitch piece.


  3. Your work is beautiful. That’s the only thing with hours in the day, there just aren’t enough hours to do everything.


  4. Your cross stitch is lovely. The words are very true.


  5. I take up whatever craft I’m in the mood for. Some years it’s quilting, but lately it’s been crochet. As long as I’m doing something creative, I’m happy!


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