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Delightful Doilies

It has been ages since I worked on a doily. I have always been a fan of Patricia Kristofferson and her absolutely delightful and challenging doilies. A friend gifted me a few patterns some aeons ago and I never got around to working on them. This Pineapple Song

is from that collection. Iam working two rows a day and hope to complete it by next wednesday. Unfortunately I am going to run out of thread and am considering a contrast thread to continue it with.
The other incomplete project I have, was begun in earnest for a CAL (crochet along for the unitiated) with Raveler friends. Many of them have completed and put up gorgeous photos of the finished wigglies but I am lagging behind. This wiggly crochet is very simple and worked on a grid. It was a nice technic to learn.

Hoping to finish this too before next week.
Want to check out more such delightful incomplete goodies. Head over to Tamis Amis


20 Responses

  1. Love the doily. You are very brave to be using thread.


  2. Your doily is so pretty!! I wish I could make them!!


  3. Wow, that doily looks complex. I don’t think I’ve seen one with the front-post technique before.


  4. I love the doily. I’ve just got in to making them so will have a look Patricia Kristoffersons work xx


  5. Such a nice doily – although the stitching does look very dense, so it probably eats a lot of thread.


  6. I am completely fascinated by doilies. Yours is gorgeous! I definitely need to boost my crochet skills so I can make such pretty ones.


  7. I love pineapple doilies. Looking forward to seeing this one completed.


  8. The doily looks nice. May I ask what the other two projects are supposed to be? I love the colors on them 🙂


    • The other one is the wiggly crochet. It is made on a grid and gives a wriggly, ruffled effect. It is a new technic and the pattern is from ravelry. 🙂


  9. That is the loveliest doily I have every laid eyes on! SEriously, doilies generally don’t appeal to me, but now I am imagining where I could put it if I made one!


  10. The doily is really lovely!


  11. Vidya, from where you got tht white thread? is that size 10?


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