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Teensy Weensies

The projects that I finished last week but failed to update my blog is the subject of this week’s update. I was up to my neck with knitting lace and it absorbed so much of my energy. Being fairly new to lace, I spend more time on it, especially frogging and restarting etc, that I need a break every couple of days by making something else which is quick and easy and cheery to make.
The first thing which went on to make was teeny little birdie that found in Attic 24, which had also been in my list of to-do’s for so long.
This birdie done on a whim with bits of yarn lying around. However, I did enjoy making it under an hour.
The other quick project I made was the cute little bunny, again inspired by Lucy of Attic 24

Last but not the least is the teeny weeny heart Baby Delicious
This absolutely adorable doll was made as soon as I set eyes on it while surfing in blogland.

If you want to check out more awesome finished projects check out TamisAmis.


14 Responses

  1. Aw, that baby delicious is just so cute!


  2. Very cute, I’ve always wanted to make one of those birds…


  3. three little cuties – gorgeous 🙂


  4. Small projects are great for helping you through big things like lace. Love how all yours turned out, well done!


  5. So cute!


  6. Oh I can’t choose these are all adorable!


  7. Very cute! I love the bird.


  8. So cute! Sometimes you just need to take a break from the bigger projects. These are a great break.


  9. That bird looks like it’d make a great cat toy. Hmm. 🙂


  10. All three are super cute, but I especially love the bird!


  11. Lovely! How cute!


  12. So many sweet FO’s!


  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments!


  14. love baby delicious! what a cute little face


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