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Shawls on needles

I never used to make shawls, simply because I didn’t have any use for them. But since I moved to the hills, it gets pretty cold even during the daytime. So I started making shawls and I am simply loving it. There are two shawls on the needles now. One is the Icarus Shawl by Miriam Felton
I am using Malabrigo lace 2 ply for this project and I love this yarn, mainly because it has withstood innumerable frogging. Got this from someone who did not have any use for it.

And the other is a test knit for Megan Goodacre on Ravelry. The yarn I am using is light fingering weight and so far the yarn and the pattern haven’t disappointed me. 🙂

This goes to the Work-in Progress Wednesdays on Tamis Amis


5 Responses

  1. Those are both looking to be beautiful shawls!


  2. So pretty. I am not a shawl wearing person, am trying to convince someone in my family to start wearing them so I can make one.


  3. Icarus is in my queue for someday! It looks like both of your shawls are going to be very pretty.


  4. Both are pretty, but I’m especially loving Icarus – it looks so floating and wispy!


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