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Knitting Lace

At last I have a triangular knitted shawl to show off. A lace knitted shawl was all I wanted and you won’t know how hard I have tried to knit lace. Have I mastered it? Of course not! But I am getting there. This shawl by Lankakomero is very easy for a novice who has been battling with lace patterns for the past several months.
Some pearls of wisdom for those who wish to try knitted lace.
a. If you have children, work on your project after you make sure they have slept. ☺
b. Mark the row you are working on, in your pattern sheet, if you have to get up in the middle. (Though people swear by life lines, it doesn’t work for me.)☺

Eliina Shawl

The best thing is I have learnt to read charts and I think it is easier sometimes to work with charts. Lastly, I have to thank the designer for writing the pattern very well that even beginners can follow easily.


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  1. I have that shawl in my queue: you’ve inspired me to seriously set a start date 🙂


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