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Day 7: My crafting time

My crafting time is generally after all the housework is taken care of. I crochet while watching TV, while going by car and if it is a very engaging pattern I even try snatching five minutes while doing some other work. I generally don’t knit while traveling, cos I can’t keep count of the rows and I hate frogging on transit. 🙂
I knit when the house is extremely quiet and the kids are out of my way. However, I can crochet at any time.
The only knitted scarf I completed with several distractions and quickly too is the Saroyan


Most of the crocheted items get done quickly as I am sure of the pattern chosen. I am not bothered even if I am distracted by the kids or other chores.
When I am not watching tv I turn on the computer, before I sit to crochet or knit. I also have the stitchionary handy. The reason being: if I am stumped while doing a particular stitch I either refer to the book or google the stitch. For knitting I always consult Techknitter and knittinghelp.com


3 Responses

  1. You are so terrifically responsible to knit after household chores are done!


  2. Whoa, I go away for three days and you have a deluge of posts up!


  3. hi! i’m a SAHM too. i have 2 girls aged 15 and 10 and have just found time to learn knitting and crochet. though i know the basics i never really had the courage to go beyond that and start a project on my own. now that i have joined this group i hope to take it up and start learning by following all the people including u who are of great inspiration to me. hats off to all of u out there 🙂


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