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Day 6: Crafts that elude me

This post is going to be with just one picture. Because, much as I want to show of my skills in this area, I don’t have the eye candy to provide. The skills that have eluded me thus far are intarsia, in knitting, tatting and Kasuthi embroidery.
I soooooooo much want to do knitting with a couple of colors thrown in. But somehow I am unable to do this with satisfaction. The same goes for tatting. I am able to make innumerable rings but can never understand why I am unable to join these rings and give them the beautiful shape they need. Then there is Kasuthi embroidery, which is exclusive to Karnataka, India. I know the basics of this embroidery but I cannot do a decent job on this. This is a picture of the Kasuthi embroidery, which I picked up from wikipedia

Kasuti embroidery

I hope some day I am able to do justice to all the above said skills and master them. šŸ™‚


3 Responses

  1. I’ve love to be able to simple embroidery, never mind something as intricate as the Kasuthi. Wow.


  2. Wow that’s amazing!


  3. I’ve always been a bit fascinated by embroidery. I know my aunt does some but I don’t think I want to pick up another craft w/so much to do in knitting :O(. However, I hear you on the intarsia. I didn’t make it a goal for this year but maybe next.


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