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Day 4: Where are they now?

It was a revelation while I was rummaging my stash that I have two abandoned projects which have not been frogged. One of which is this :

abandoned pattern

The ziploc bag contained this unfinished sweater/vest. It did not have the pattern paper which I usually store along with the project. I have racked my brains to find out the pattern, I have scoured ravelry too, but I have no idea what this is.
There is also another beautiful unfinished frock which I am going to frog as the girl for who it was intended for is now three years old. I started it for her first birthday. šŸ™‚
Now that those two are abandoned and out of the way…..there are some other projects which I loved so much and gifted and which is being lovingly used. They are the Dahlia scarf
and the Drifted wood cap by Ellen Gormley.

Driftwood cap

The recipient lives in the hills where it gets cold and loves wearing it to this day. There are times when I visit family friends and there is a doily displayed in their living room. The host then introduces the doily to the others accompanying me saying that it was made and gifted by me. I do cherish those moments, not because I gifted them, but because it is being cherished and given a pride of place in their home.
But I don’t gift away stuff to everyone. Unless I am a wee-bit sure that my stuff is going to a good home, I don’t give away my projects. It does give one a sense of accomplishment, pride and joy when the work done has been appreciated and put to good use, isn’t it?


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  1. yes, you are right. I mostly knit for myself for that reason.


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