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Day 3: Tidy mind, Tidy stitches

Suddenly, I was amused by the title. With regards to organizing of course. My mind urges me to tidy up the piles, but I just pile on, cos it turns into a pile soon enough, what with myriad changes in ideas and addition of more yarn, gifted and self-bought. It never ends- does it? Anyway, I am happy to see my stitches are at least tidy. Both knit and crochet. If that wasn’t, then I would be a worried person. With all the hoarding, and the stitches not turning out tidy, I might as well give up these hobbies. Ugh! I shudder to think. Any way I am digressing.
This is the maximum organized I can be with yarns and things.


Earlier I used to pile it that way….Now, here is an improved “organized” me 🙂


These huge plastic boxes are a big blessing. I stack and push it under the cot. So doesn’t occupy space and no one in the family ogles and comments. 🙂
But I do wish I am organized like those people who are sure of what color yarn they want for a particular project and stick to it, unlike me. Let’s see. There are nine more months to go to complete this year. May be I should resolve to make further improvements in the organization sector. 😉


2 Responses

  1. I am as bad as you or even worse in the organization department.. sigh


  2. Good job on the organizing. I think you’re entitled to change your mind about color. When something is made for someone, all those little details really count.


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