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Knitting up a Storm

It has been ages since I updated my blog. Though I can attribute it to laziness in parts, I have been busy knitting up a storm. After a trip to Bangalore, I was richer by some more skeins of yarn. After I returned home, Sanhita started a KAL in the SAARC group for those skeins of silk yarn which have been left to hibernate for lack of a perfect pattern. So a discussion was begun on the lovely patterns available on Ravelry. I fell in love with Saroyan, and so were most of us in the group and my tryst with knitting lace began. Surprisingly, Saroyan turned out to be a quick knit sans mistakes and I was thrilled to bits that I could knit too.


Then Leann, a good friend said her husband was visiting India. So I took the opportunity to send the Saroyan as a gift to her, as it was Leann who taught me the continental way of knitting.
Then inspired by Sanhita’s Dahlia…I had to make one and I made that too.


I haven’t blocked this yet.
While browsing through Ravelry I came across the Winter Haven Lace and it beckoned me to try it out. I had some yummy red acrylic in my stash and I thought it would be the right color for this scarf. This scarf does have a few boo boos, which I overlooked, but thankfully it doesn’t show up in the finished scarf.

Winter Haven Lace

Last but not the least comes “Branching Out” by Susan Lawrence which has been in my queue for the past year. I started the pattern and chickened out as I couldn’t figure out how to correct errors. Then I took out a new skein of yarn and started afresh. Lo and behold it turned out far better than my expectations.

Henna Leaves

Now, some of you who know me might wonder what I would do with merino and wool scarves in hot and torrid Chennai. Well, I am happy to say I have found willing and gullible guinea pigs in my cousins, who have graciously accepted my scarves. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. its beeautiful , ur cuzns can wear it in marina beach during the night 🙂


  2. they are all so beautiful Vidya.Very nice colour choices too.Lucky cousins 🙂 Saroyan and Branching out are on my list of things to try too.


  3. Hugs will be doubly warm in these beauties! I love the dahlia!


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