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Doilies once again

With introduction to knitting and different varieties of yarn, my thread projects had taken a back seat. So I began working on a doily and then discovered that my earlier doilies were waiting to be starched and blocked. So out came a couple of doilies and a marathon session of bleaching, starching and blocking later, they were ready to be gifted and displayed.

Last but not the least, I dug out from the depths of my project stash this doily


4 Responses

  1. I’m doing the same thing too, pulling out doilies and starching them 🙂
    Very beautiful doilies!


  2. The blues look v good, and of course, I saw the white for real!


  3. Hi Srividya,
    Excellent blog you have here. Thanks for visiting my place and letting me know about you. I’ve checked all your posts and am ecstatic to see that we’ve similar tastes – we try a little bit of everything 🙂
    And I never knew that Raja Market had so many yarns!! – I’ve been here in Bangalore for 10 years!! – never visited the place though 😦 – my husband raises the red flag even before I spell out the place name.Do they have only knitting yarns? Are they of good quality – like the stuff one gets abroad? Wonder if there are embroidery threads there?

    In which part of the world are you now?
    Love your blog,


  4. Very nice work.
    Best wishes



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