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Back with a bang

It has been ages since I updated this blog. Though I have made several things in the past three months, I have not cared to blog about it, which I hope to rectify soon. I have been testing projects again. One of them being lovely slip-ons, the first I have ever made. They have turned out well considering I didn’t get suede or leather for the sole and have used only felt. The pattern is by marshmellowmagic who has designed several such lovely slip-ons.
Then I tested Linda Permann‘s Cables and Lace Scarf, which is a great pattern for those who love cables and don’t want to knit them, like yours truly. Linda’s patterns are very easy to follow even by beginners. I am not very happy with my choice of colors. Since I had only those acrylics available I went ahead. It has turned out well. However, I have to kill it to block which I am yet to do. You can see the unblocked version here.

Last but not the least I also tested Sylvchezplum‘s Octopus Hat.

Sylvie Damie is another of my favorite designers, whose patterns are well written and enjoyable to work on.
I made three of her Roselette tops for my daughters and niece.

I made the “Finest Hops Bag’ By Annie Modesitt, which has been in my queue since the time I laid my hands on Interweave Crochet. I wish I had better handles for the bag.

The latest from my craft kitty is Sarah London‘s lovely pattern “The Wool Eater.” True to its name it gobbled up a major chunk of my stash. I have made some lovely coasters and a bag to gift.

The bag ate up most of my Katia Samba cotton yarn (the yarn in the center) This is a great cotton yarn to work with and was gifted by a raveler.
I named the bag ‘Bag’asura after the legendary Bakasura the demon who ate a lot of food. Since my bag ate a lot of my yarn, it earned its name.
Will sign off now with the hope that I update the blog every fortnight like some of blogger friends.


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  1. LOL @ Bagasura – very nice!


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