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Projects completed, and on the anvil…

Whenever I go to Kolkata, I drool over the embroidered  saris and I make up my mind to do the Kantha work myself. The first time I went to Kolkata I got two Tussar saris and had the design transfered, one for my mom and the other to be embroidered by me. My mom finished the embroidery in a matter of six months and  I had done only a few flowers. It was then time for my mom to visit my sister in the U.S. And so I packed her off with my sari which she completed in the next six months.


My contribution to the sari was to work a few inches of borders and a few flowers. That I don’t have the time to complete a mega project never occurs to me…:) as I went to buy a sari in a different fabric this time. Similarly I completed a few flowers and it languished in the cupboard, while my mom completed her embroidery and has worn her sari too.  As usual she came to my rescue and completed the sari.:)


This is just a percentage of what I have incomplete. When I took an inventory of my craft cupboard, I went into a dizzy spell. I have cross stitch unfinished, a painting unfinished, two knitted scarves, one shawl…..:(


Last but not the least, I have a couple of people waiting to get the stuff I promised to make  for them.  I have just started to make a knitted purse today….need I say more.:)


7 Responses

  1. That purple thing at the bottom looks like a strange and wonderful butterfly. The first sari is beautiful too.

    I used to do a lot of cross stitch samplers, the Anchor ones. Gave them away as gifts. Only one unfinished one. Now my problem is clutter, as you know.


  2. OMG you are so good at this! I am so lethargic that I never completed the embroidery I started a year ago, have several unfinished projects lying, and I never even started the pattern you sent me with so much love…but you have inspired me enough for now! 🙂


  3. is that Sephrina shawl at the end… I am dying to see the FO.
    I never attempted to embroider a sari… thats my moms department; i know in my life i cant complete one.
    WIPs are part and parcel of a crafters life.


  4. No Radhika, I don’t think I am ever going to complete the shawl…running out of yarn.:(


  5. lovely embroidery and love your shawl!


  6. Vidya,

    Those are so lovely! I made a few pieces long back but that’s it! I also have a kit for a ‘tiger’ pattern, complete with the matt-fabric, threads, and the pattern, ofcourse that couldn’t go past initial 5%. So, it’s up for a giveaway for anyone who wants it.



  7. Hi, I came across this post of yours and I would be SO grateful if you could tell me where you got the design printed onto the saree. I mean where in Calcutta. I’m thinking of asking my friend to see if she can get a pre-printed saree for me… I love the kantha embroidery work and would love to embroider a saree! Thanks so very much!


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