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As I have mentioned in a previous post, I love collecting knick knacks. Little boxes, bottles, interesting cartons….et. al, When I discovered a book on blackwork in the local library I was so smitten by it. I just made one of a lady and one of a little girl watering her plant. While making this project I found a little box which I thought I would embellish. Once I finished the project I thought that I should not use it on the box but to crochet a border and frame it. I crocheted a row and was soon I was busy with several other things, one of them was moving from the country, that slowly it began languishing in my craft cupboard. I don’t remember what happened to the little box. When I was clearing my stuff in the cupboard I chanced upon this long lost little girl in black and with it came all the memories of long ago. To this day I haven’t found another interesting pattern in blackwork. So here it is.

Little girl in black 

I hope to unearth some more projects soon.:)


2 Responses

  1. love it love it love it…. I was a fan of black work and red work few years ago… (though i didnt seriously embroider anything)


  2. That little pot reminds me of a tulsi plant!


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