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Back after a break

I am back. It has been quite a long break, but then as I have mentioned in an earlier post, having too many hobbies can also be tiring at times. Especially with several projects on hooks and a couple on needles, writing two blogs….well!  I am not complaining.:)

So what have I been doing? Crochet-wise I have been doing things which I haven’t done before. That is, I tested a hairband for someone and it was pretty cool. I also tested a top for a designer and it turned out super cool. Also, it is the first time I am making a wearable for my own daughter. In  Lucy Locket pict2184French country hat 

all these years of crocheting, I have never made a hat, which somebody told was the project beginners chose. Somehow it never occurred to me to make one, though I had several patterns to choose from. I guess it could be because I never wore one.:) While the above took me just a few hours of my time, knitting seem to take ages. I made a couple of dishcloths. I just took three days to complete one, believe it or not. For a beginner, I think this time frame might be acceptable, but then I do get frustrated.Knitted dishcloths It was during one of my knitting spree my m.i.l visited. She was looking at me knitting with an amused expression on her face. She looked at me battling with the cables and generously offered to teach. But the cables though a little out of shape were ok and I have to admit that it was tiring to hold three needles and managing to pull and not slip any stitches. But I left people in stitches. My binding off technics had people rolling on the floor laughing. I am glad nobody took a picture of that. I am ridiculously funny when I bind off my work. I twist and turn along with the stitches, pursing my lips at times, gritting my teeth and breathing a huge sigh of relief as I bind off one stitch in say five minutes at least. I really hope I quicken up my pace, otherwise I might end up giving up on knitting and losing out on a wonderful hobby.

Anyways I would like to end on a happy note. A friend of mine who went to Singapore gave me a very thoughtful gift. She brought me a ball of paper  Paper silk  silk yarn. I am still touching it and admiring it, unable to make up mind as to which pattern to make from it.


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  1. Ah, new post at last! Have you begun anything or still touching and feeling? That little top is cute.


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