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As the year ends…

Another year ends. It has not been a full year of blogging for me. I started out late in July, with little or no hopes of filling my pages. When I moved to Chennai, little did I know about blogging or the number of friends I would make out of blogging. With the blog taking shape, I intended it to be a catalog of sorts for the different hobbies I dabbled in and a showcase  in which to preserve my projects.

Blogging I discovered is addictive.  The urge to look into the comments and interact with other bloggers is a pleasure. Surfing new blogs and learning and discovering the  amazing talent of other bloggers is truly inspiring.

My own limited knowledge about my chosen hobbies has undergone a sea change. I have discovered new technics, gathered knowledge about the  different tools used in the craft,  and this has helped me learn more in order to better my art. 

Last but not the least, it has also helped increase my already overflowing stash of different art materials.

In painting, my stock of color pencils, pastels, crayons, acrylic and oil paints have gone up. My embroidery floss collection has doubled. My knitting and crochet accessories have quadrupled. For general crafting work I have boxes of shells, beads, and interesting  colored seeds which I find falling off trees. The seeds are new in my collection of junk (so called by parents, sibling and the spouse) 🙂


This is but a fraction of what I have. Surprisingly, my stash of craft books has not grown this year, which I hope will rectify in the coming year. 🙂 I hope my sibling and husband take note of this. ;)….friends too… (we all live in hope don’t we?)


Finally, the above bag is the last project of 2008. I have as usual tweaked the recipe to add a button. The rest of the pattern is the same. The pattern can be found in the pages of Ravelry. Though the husband doesn’t think too highly about the color combination, I love the bag. Its a gift for a friend who shares my hobby and adds her bit to my stash. 🙂

However, I have to admit the reason for this multicolored bag. I intended it to be a bag in blue, but ran out of the color and it wasn’t available in my LYS. 😦 So the I took out this color and thought it was not too bad a match. But then I now realise always by one spool more than what you need. One can always make a bag out of the scraps in the end 🙂

Anyways, alls well that ends well.

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all my readers.


2 Responses

  1. May you blog for years to come!


  2. Wishing you too a very Happy and prosperous new year. The bag is real cute.


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