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First steps

The joy of making something and admiring it from a distance can be quite euphoric. Especially if it is something you made for the first time and it turned out better than your own expectations….

There is a standing joke in the family about the wearable I promised I would make for my sister. Since my sister is very finicky about what she wears, the color, the fit etc, I decided to make something for myself (by way of practicing on a wearable) before embarking on a project for her.

I had some multi-colored yarn (red, yellow and green) which seemed sober when I bought it. I made a sleeveless vest using that yarn. The finish was ok (I thought so). I followed instructions for large in the pattern and when I wore it it was larger. 🙂 And the yarn looked way too loud after taking shape, especially after I wore it and when it invited uncontrolled spasms of laughter from the dear husband. So I decided not to make any wearable and definitely never in bright colors. My sister got me some cotton yarn during a trip abroad and reminded me about the vest I promised, but the yarn turned into something else. To this day I haven’t made any wearable for her.   I have frogged the bright colored vest now to make something else.

Recently, when I was going to through my stash I found this light colored yarn and a book I had for frocks for little girls. I have never made anything except afghans for babies so I decided to try the frock. I have to say I was thrilled after finishing it.

Baby dress 3

The small purse to go with it also turned out cute. I only hope my sister’s baby for whom I made this fits into it. 🙂

The first doll I made also turned out well. So it seems from the look of this raggedy Ann which has seen better days when the children weren’t around to play with her.

Raggedy Ann ‘

Since I am quite satisfied with my wearable and doll I have begun collecting patterns for both and have quite a few favorites to make now. Just waiting with bated breath for the yarn I have ordered.:)


5 Responses

  1. The doll’s adorable! I’m curious too, about the yarn you ordered!


  2. That’s such a pretty frock. Is the pattern available online? I have some friends who are expecting babies soon and I would love to make something like this for them. The doll’s cute too.


  3. Vidya,
    I saw your post on my blog and haven’t been able to find an email for you! Yes, it’s me Pinka from Fremont, CA. 🙂 Please email me! pinka_m@yahoo.com

    I’d love to catch up on everything! 🙂

    Take care


  4. very cute doll:) i am looking for dolls and teddies crochet patterns…any suggestions?also, any idea where to buy afghan hook in bangalore? is there cotton yarn for 3mm hook available in india or do you order online? would love to hear from you.


  5. How did I miss commenting on this???? This is a lovely frock…great work again 🙂


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