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Afghans and Shawls

The number of Afghans I have made is just four. All the four were made with donations in mind. Thanks to Mary Cahill I donated two Granny square afghans to the charity, the group members were donating. The other two were single colored and simple patterned afghans favored by beginners, that I donated to a local charity on my own.

While talking to a friend about how I was planning to make an afghan as I had gifted and didn’t have any for myself, my five year-old who happened to overhear this, told me that I should make for her like I had made for others. Seemed a good enough reason to start on one. So I made this and she snuggled into it while watching TV. It worked well for the Bangalore winter.

Now with the move to Chennai, I don’t know if I would ever be able to make an afghan anymore, considering just three seasons the city is famous for in a year…. Hot, hotter and hottest.

I would also like to show off this lovely summer shawl that I made with fingering yarn, gifted to me by a lady in my crochet group. This is the first wearable I made. 🙂


Looking at some of the afghans in the magazines and the ones made by friends in cyberdom, I have got this strong urge to make one more, at least a baby blanket. But this weather does put me off. I have half a mind to join an Afghan making group  but I am procrastinating on that. 

The shawl’s pattern has been taken from the magazine Old Time Crochet. Unfortunately, unless I take a vacation in cooler climes it has to languish in its place in the cupboard. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Can’t see the first pic now but the kiddies look cute! And the colour of that shawl is brilliant!


  2. Ohhh your daughters are simply adorable…what cuties you have got there!! My Mansi is almost the same age I would guess as your second one…
    thnx for sharing their pictures 🙂

    Now to your shawl..its superb dear!! What stitch is the white one?? The red one also looks very pretty…


  3. Lovely pattern on the afghan!!
    The red is gorgeous!! And your daughters CUTE!!


  4. Vidya your daughters are too cute!! The elder one looks so much like you. Love this shawl. Its gorgeous!!


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