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Doilies from Kolams…..

“Kolams” or Rangoli, are traditional designs drawn outside most homes in South India. People drew these Kolams with rice flour and it was considered auspicious to begin the day. These Kolams have evolved over the years and there are several patterns, and are drawn meticulously especially during festive occasions.

Recently, while rummaging in my stash for yarn, thread and other knick knacks I came upon a project which I had totally forgotten all these years. Couple of years ago when the designing bug had bit me, I had the bright idea of transforming rangolis or kolams into crocheted items, ie., doilies. So keeping that in mind I tried designing in filet and then several other methods but nothing gave me the satisfaction of making the perfect piece.

Some time ago when I had guests at home, one of them after seeing my doilies said that many years ago, the grandmas of the household had the pastime of making curtains which had Ganesha, Radha and Krishna and other Gods and Goddesses. She also told me that pattern books for these were available in Chennai. But I have searched high and low for these patterns and have come up with nothing. I have begun hounding my guest to get me the patterns now. Well, this incident gave me the idea to translate kolams into crochet. The effort of which you can see in this pattern.

I didn’t want to showcase this particular pattern of mine, since it is not perfect, but finally I decided to put it up in the fond hope somebody else might also come up with some innovative pattern using kolams as an inspiration. Well, after taking this out, I have one more work in progress….. another Kolam. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Very innovative, Vidya!


  2. Did the kolam come along with the crochet or did you embroider it later???


  3. I slip stitched the Kolam, so it looks like chain stitch.


  4. Ohh thats so beautiful Srividya!!
    What a cool idea and what possiblilities with crochet…I am hooked totally now!


  5. wow..what an idea..looks super cool


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