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Cell-phone cozy

Though with the advent of the bluetooth people keep their cell phones in their pocket and walk speaking to the air, there are several women who I have seen during their morning walks with their cell phone dangling around their necks keeping a steady beat to their steps. Some of these cell phone cozies are done in bright colors in plastic wire. Seeing these cozies one morning I had the bright idea of making one using size 10 thread, which would be more elegant than their plastic wire counterparts.

 Once the fan stitch strip is finished, a border is made using dc on all four sides. On the short side where the cozy is to be closed make a loop while making the border.

 The border is made with loop on one side in the above picture.

After the border is done, fold in half leaving one fan-stitch with the loop on top unattached. Slip stich the sides. Sew button. Insert cell phone and close. 

I made a button with thread and wasn’t  satisfied with the result. One could use a cute button instead.

Here is the pattern.

Fan Stitch Cell phone cozy   

Material used: Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton size 10 color blue.

Crochet hook size .85

Chain 20.

Row 1: Miss 1 ch, 1 sc, *miss 6 ch, 1 long dc (yarn over insert hook, draw up a loop 1.5 cm long, yarn over, draw through 2 loops, yarn over, draw through 2 loops), 12 more long dcs in the same ch, miss 6 ch, 1 dc*, 3 ch turn. 

Row 2: 1 long dc in 1st sc, *5 ch, 1 sc in 7th of 13 long dc, 5 ch, 2 long dcs in last sc, 1 ch, turn.

Row 3: 1 sc between the 1st 2 long dcs, *13 long dcs in the sc worked at the center of fan in previous row * 3ch, turn.

Rep from Row 2. 

Work about 17 fans or as required measuring the  length of your cell phone. Fasten off.

Join thread at one end of strip and work dcs around making sure it doesn’t curl in the corners.

Make a small loop while making dcs above the fans on one side and fasten off. 

Fold in half and slip stitch on both sides to join.

Fold the top fan with the loop and sew a button to the close the cozy.

Fasten off.

Join thread in the top end of cozy and work chains till desired length and join on the other side. Work sc throughout the ch and fasten off.

The string is optional. I attached the thread to one top corner, made 250 chains and at attached them to the other end and single crocheted them. 

Please leave a comment if you have a question about this pattern.





7 Responses

  1. Well, it says fans, but I think they look like hearts! Nice job!


  2. What a brilliant idea! (I came over from the CP mailing list :))


  3. That is a fabulous one…love all your projects!
    I got to learn a thing or two from you…happy to have found you 🙂


  4. Thanks guys, for your kind words.


  5. Ah, so this is the star post 😀


  6. Is a long dc kind of like an American triple crochet? Just asking – I’m not sure I’m reading this lovely pattern right. :>/


  7. I loved the way it looks.I have just hit the print and going to start working on it. I haven’t worked on such a small needle. May be i’d do it with 1.75

    Thanks for the pattern.


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