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Krishna – Glass painting


Glass painting

Glass painting

When friends raved about the glass painting classes they attended and the effect it had on them swayed me into trying a glass painting myself. I had a neighbor who did several of these paintings and was selling commercially. She offered to teach me this form of painting. I went to her house one day to choose the pre printed glass. Suddenly my mother had this idea that I should make one for my sister also. So I chose a Krishna and a Lakshmi.

This is a glass painting which is done on pre printed glass. The ones I have done have been screen printed. So once you get the glass you have to fill the colors in the reverse side in between the black outlines. Though I did enjoy making the paintings, I should confess that it was a tad tedious and less challenging. Tedious because I was pregnant with my second child, less challenging because, one is just filling up colors of ones choice and doesn’t have the pleasure of drawing the Krishna. I finished the painting in about ten days, giving way to the speculation that after I finish the Krishna I would be blessed with a son. But Lakshmi rose to the occasion and blessed me with a daughter. So I will always cherish the memories of making this painting.


4 Responses

  1. Nice piece 🙂


  2. Just Superb . Would like to see more of your work.


  3. Lovely.

    I am not able to find paintings other than Autumn and the one above. Where are the rest?


  4. Very nice work !!!!


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