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On being tagged….

When I got a mail saying I was being tagged, I was reminded of my college days.  It was the first year of college and ragging was rampant. I had joined Post-graduation and was walking to my block in the campus. There was this guy who was tagging me. I suddenly turned around and stopped in my tracks. The guy looked embarrassed as I looked him in the eye and stammered “What’s your name?”

I : “Why do you want to know?”

He:  Just for introduction…

I : “Is this the way you introduce yourself?” Pathetic.

He: (Seeing some cronies behind me, and boldness creeping a little) Freshers should not talk like this. Haven’t you heard of ragging.

I : Sure, I have. Which year are you in?

He: I am in III B.B.M. And you?

I: I am a post-graduate student.

Wimp scoots. Cronies behind me move to give me way.

I: Do you guys have any other questions?

Guys grin sheepishly and walk away. 

A couple of days later a classmate of mine came and asked me “Did a guy come to rag you two days ago?

I: Rag me? you must be joking.

CM:I thought so too, but the guy looked shattered,… I wondered what happened.

I told him what happened and had a good laugh. That was the first time I was tagged to be ragged.

This is the first time I am being tagged in cyber space by Sra of whenmysoupcamealive. I hope I won’t be ragged for this.

I have this book “The world is what it is” by Patrick French. It is a biography of writer V.S.Naipaul of whom B is an ardent fan. He hasn’t finished reading and I haven’t started on it yet.

Anyway when I opened Page 123 and set my eyes on the fifth line I did find a very interesting line.

“Notice I say one-sided submission.” I think the submission and revelation of love is the most glorious thing. But to be really complete, love must enter everyday life. It must entail the acceptance of each other’s ambitions and respect for each other’s beliefs.”

The book: The world is what it is

The Author: Patrick French (The famous biographer of Sir Vidia who hogged the limelight for getting a fat  check for the book and otherwise)

Lines taken from: Chapter 7, To the empty house.

The sentence above was written by Patricia to Sir Vidia in response to a letter he had sent her.

I am not tagging anyone now, will save that for later.


One Response

  1. Wimp scoots – 😀
    Thanks for taking up the tag, Vidya! Interesting stuff – I sure would love acceptance of my ambitions and beliefs, not so sure I’d like to do the same, heh heh! 😉


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