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Possessions and obsessions…


Being possessive about collecting stuff (read hoarding) comes naturally for some people. I count myself in that category, for collecting stuff such as threads, needles, pattern books, art books… the list is getting longer.

I am very possessive about certain things I own. Like art and craft pattern books (Well, you could say books in general J) and the articles I make like a doily, afghan et.al. People close to me say it borders on obsession but I am not bothered.

So when I was living abroad and meeting these lovely people who just gave away extra yarn or thread without batting an eyelid and photo-copied patterns from leaflets or books for others I have to say I had a change of perspective.

Being a member of the web group which held simple contests to encourage members, I won a few contests and by way of gifts for winning, I was sent some great looking doilies (I wouldn’t have dreamt of sending these beauties to someone) and luscious yarn. (which would forever have been in my stash)

The gifts I received, I cherish and use to this day (I am very sorry I lost their names in a computer crash) I really hope mine would also be cherished in the home it went to.

My reluctance in gifting things I make to all and sundry is not without a reason. I have met people who would coo away saying they haven’t seen such a beautiful pattern and if I could make one for them. Later when you actually take the time to make and gift them one they act as though they had never asked me for one. Then there are some who actually have the cheek to dismiss the work you do as waste of time.

Last but not the least I have to mention an aunt who takes care of my doilies as I would. She washes starches and irons them and displays them well. Once she even took some of my doilies and sold them all for charity. So now I take pleasure in gifting my doilies to people like her. And now, unless I know the person real well I don’t even venture to show my work.

This is what happens to books too. Many people would borrow books only to forget to return or are just not bothered to return it. But when you remind them to return it they get offended (well that’s another story). Now that I have got it all off my chest, here is a beautiful doily I got as a gift.


2 Responses

  1. Take it easy, Oorvasi! People are like that only. I’ve come across quite a few people who behave as if they’re doing you a favour when it’s actually the other way round.

    And I have your Erma Bombeck book safe and sound with me, I began reading it only yesterday.


  2. That had to be accompanied by a smiley, of course.



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